Cardboard Constructions for Kids: Bigger Projects to Make Using More Upcycled Cardboard

Turn two pizza boxes into one versatile playset.
pizza box play set

Pizza Box Play Set:Β No Polly Pocket playhouse necessary! Two not-too-greasy pizza boxes are what you need to create a functional, fun play set for the kid who loves miniatures. This particular kid loves toy ponies, so we’ve got a homemade play dough pastoral scene set up, but dinosaurs, toy cars, and, yes, Polly Pockets can also live quite happily in this pizza box play set.

If you have an older kid, a single pizza box makes an excellent set-up for a salt dough map.

OR would you rather make a play set that’s big enough for your kid to sit in? Check out Cardboard Box Town!

cardboard box ball ramp from A Happy Wanderer
cardboard box ball ramp from A Happy Wanderer

Cardboard Box Ball Ramp:Β Have a few toilet paper tubes to donate to the cause? Combine them with one long half of a giant cardboard box to make this super-sized cardboard ball ramp from A Happy Wanderer.

Stand-up Cardboard Dollhouse:Β My favorite part of this easy, simple cardboard dollhouse is that it requires no glue or tape to assemble. You know what that means? You can take it apart and store it flat! Take that, Barbie Dreamhouse!

DIY cardboard bed from Hellobee
DIY cardboard bed from Hellobee

Cardboard Doll Furniture:Β Have you seen how much an American Girl doll bed COSTS?!? Just… no. Fortunately, Felicity can bed down just fine in this super-cute DIY cardboard bed from Hellobee. Again, there’s a free printable pattern included with the tutorial, so reduce or enlarge as required.

And don’t forget, there are plenty of ways to recycle cardboard to make adult stuff, too!

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