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My kid wanted yellow lipstick; I found it on etsy.
My kid wanted yellow lipstick. I found it on etsy.

Handmade makeup is the way to go in a lot of circumstances. I needed a nice set of lipsticks in a variety of weird colors for my kid, so I bought a set of blue, yellow, purple, pink, green, and red lipsticks from Muylinda Collection on etsy.

But maybe you want to know exactly what’s in your makeup–buy handmade, and you can find out from the makers! Portland Black Lipstick Company also sells blue lipstick (and black, and pink, and copper), and they have more upfront information about their ingredients before you order. MarvelousMehndi has cosmetics-grade glitter for your DIY body glitter recipe. SobeBotanicals offers complete ingredients lists for all their makeup in all their funky colors, and they’re vegan. I’ve found handmade to be the way to go whenever I have weird requirements, such as organic, or food-grade, or vegan-friendly.


If you feel gross about having something shipped cross-country to you, you could try Fat and the Moon, which uses recycled and biodegradable shipping materials to get their tinted lip balms to you, or Mademoiselle, which purchases all of their packaging materials from other indie crafters. For me, though, the ability to choose an unconventional palette and to know all the ingredients outweighs even my significant shipping angst.

But that’s just me, and I really want to know about YOU. And so I’ve got a couple of questions to shout out to you:

  1. Do you buy hand-crafted makeup?
  2. If you do, what are your favorites?

Could I be more obvious about trolling for tips? Nope!

3 thoughts on “Buy Handmade Makeup from Independent Crafters”

  1. I’ve never bought hand-crafted make-up before…not sure why though. I bought a kit from Brambleberry to make my own but haven’t done that either. Too many things I want to try and not enough time…

    1. I noticed even more people on etsy who make mineral eyeshadow (whatever that is) than lipstick, so it must be pretty do-able, too. Since I don’t wear makeup, though, it’s definitely one of those things that’s easier and more cost-efficient to purchase handmade than to make myself. If you do decide to jump in and make your own, you should write a tutorial!

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