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lipsticks that I bought from Muylinda Collection on etsy
lipsticks that I bought from Muylinda Collection on etsy

Let’s say that you really want blue lipstick. You checked CVS, but they only have boring shades of red. Macy’s? Also red, and a couple of kinds of pink. You’d rather gnaw off your own arm than walk into the Hot Topic where the tweens hang out. How, then, can you obtain your desperately desired blue lipstick?

Well, someone on etsy would like to sell you blue lipstick. Or green. Or black. Or purple.

Like everything else handmade, handmade makeup is the way to go when you want something just a little different from what everybody else has.

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3 thoughts on “Buy Handmade Makeup from Independent Crafters”

  1. I’ve never bought hand-crafted make-up before…not sure why though. I bought a kit from Brambleberry to make my own but haven’t done that either. Too many things I want to try and not enough time…

    1. I noticed even more people on etsy who make mineral eyeshadow (whatever that is) than lipstick, so it must be pretty do-able, too. Since I don’t wear makeup, though, it’s definitely one of those things that’s easier and more cost-efficient to purchase handmade than to make myself. If you do decide to jump in and make your own, you should write a tutorial!

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