Buy Handmade: Jewelry Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Buy Handmade: Recycled Jewelry for Mother's Day

5. Tree of Life Necklace by d’Pholk Designs

D’Pholk Designs makes fused glass pendants that are absolutely gorgeous! I am obsessed with the one above because, as I’ve told you before with my Cardboard & Toilet Paper Roll Tree project, I love trees. This necklace was made from a flattened wine bottle which makes it even cooler than your average necklace! If your mom loves nature, I would definitely recommend this necklace or you can check out d’Pholk Designs’ Etsy shop for even more options!

[Photo via d’Pholk Designs, used with permission]

Which jewelry piece would you buy for your mom? Share your thoughts on our facebook wall or in the comment section below!

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