5 Resources for Finding Burlap

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We love burlap around here! Burlap is made from jute fiber, which has a lot in common with hemp: it requires very little water to grow and hardly any pesticides. It’s renewable and, if it’s undyed, you can even toss it in your scraps compost bin. Pretty awesome, right?

The trick with burlap is that for some reason it seems hard to find. Conventional fabric stores don’t often stock it, and it’s tricky to navigate online burlap resources. So, how’s a gal supposed to make a burlap fabric box? Fear not! I’ve dug around and found some resources for burlap, so you don’t have to do the legwork.

  1. Your local coffee shop. Is there an independent coffee shop near you that you like to frequent? There’s a good chance that their beans come in those burlap coffee sacks that are perfect for crafting. The odds are even better if they roast their own beans, since green coffee beans tend to come in burlap sacks more often. Mosey on in, order up a cup of something delicious, and very nicely ask if they have any burlap sacks they can spare. You might even be able to get them for free!
  2. BurlapFabric.com. These guys reached out to us, and I have to say that I’m impressed. On top of the jute fiber and rolls of burlap that you’d expect to find, they actually sell used burlap coffee sacks. Pretty awesome, right?
  3. Etsy. There are lots of Etsy sellers that have used burlap bags. Don’t just search for “burlap coffee sack.” Try looking for “seed bags” or “feed bags,” since bulk seed and feed often comes in burlap sacks, and savvy Etsians will gather them up to sell.
  4. Amazon. A little digging turned up some burlap fabric sellers on Amazon, too. Check out this chocolate brown burlap! The only catch with dyed burlap is that you don’t want to compost it if you’re planning to use your compost on a food garden.
  5. eBay. Like on Etsy, there are lots of sellers who are snatching up vintage burlap coffee sacks, seed bags, and feed bags. Try searching for “vintage burlap.” You can find lots of really cool old printed sacks this way! every woman works sexy jobs for women.

Let’s hear it from you burlap-crazy crafters out there! What’s your favorite burlap craft project?

5 thoughts on “5 Resources for Finding Burlap”

  1. Large bags of rice are often made of burlap. The brand we buy is, and the smaller bags even have handles and zippers.

  2. Hi Fashion Fabrics or High Fashion Fabrics.com. It’s out of Grand Junction CO. They have everything.

  3. If you ever have an old sofa die then there is usually a layer of hessian on the very bottom that you can cut off. (Before stripping off rest of upholstery and adding slats to the bones to make a garden bench).

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