Brideas for Eco-Flower Girl Baskets: Part 2

Basket before makeover basket after makeover Flower girl baskets are one of the easiest things to make for your wedding. From second hand baskets found at thrift stores or yard sales, to old tin pails or Easter baskets, you can make a great green flower girl basket from practically anything. Some containers may only need minor changes to give them a makeover while others may need a complete overhaul to breathe new life into them.

In part one of the flower basket mini-series I showed you some innovative ways to reuse a watering can, a tin pail or an ice bucket to help give an added touch of detail to your wedding. But there are even more ways to create and reuse containers to make the perfect flower girl basket for your wedding.

Thrift Store Baskets

With the abundance of baskets available at thrift stores, second hand shops, and yard sales, there is no reason to ever purchase brand new baskets. Most of the time you can find a great basket for under $1. In fact, I’ve bought as many as ten for $1 at a yard sale!

With a few supplies you can easily transform a second hand basket into something beautiful and unique for your wedding. And the best thing is you will have a one of a kind piece that no other bride will have.

Bucket Transformed into A Beach Wedding Basket

Plastic Buckets and Ice Cream Pail Overhauls

I bet you never looked at a plastic bucket or an ice cream pail and thought “this would make a cute flower girl basket” have you? It is amazing the way they can be transformed into something totally adorable. Having a wedding on the beach or a beach theme wedding? A child’s sand bucket can easily and quickly be transformed into a fun flower girl container.

Easter basket before Easter basket after

Easter Basket Makeover

Too many Easter baskets get filled with goodies then tossed into the garbage every year. Put an old basket to good use and keep it out of the landfill. Many of them are absolutely adorable just the way they are, you might not have to do much to make them wedding worthy. Still have some baskets lying around? Save them and transform them into pretty flower girl baskets for someone you know that is getting married.

Baskets also make beautiful tabletop decorations, centerpieces, and can even be handy at the buffet table for holding plates, napkins or silverware.

Garage sale season is coming up, so be on the lookout for baskets. Yard sales are a great place to find baskets that are in perfect condition for pennies. Baskets can be a very eco and affordable way to decorate your DIY wedding.

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