Brideas for Eco-Flower Girl Baskets: Part 1

watering can It’s that time of year again: wedding season. And many wedding parties have a special spot for a young girl to be the flower girl. When you picture that special girl, you probably have a vision of her carrying a cute basket filled with flower petals. But you can use many other types of containers in place of the traditional basket to customize your wedding.

In part one of this mini-series on flower girl baskets, I’ll discuss the various basket containers you can repurpose to fit the style and feel of any wedding.

If you are you planning an outdoor wedding, such as in a romantic garden or peaceful park, a transformed watering can is the perfect flower petal holder for your flower girl. All’s you need is an old watering can.

The condition of your watering can will determine what needs to be done to it. It might only need cleaning, before adding embellishments, like the green one. After a good scrub, I added a few flowers and some ribbon. But another watering can I found needed to be sanded and repainted before accessorizing.

pink bucketTin pails are another cute option for flower girl baskets. They can show up anywhere- yard sales, thrift stores, your attic or basement. If you decide to go for the tin pail look but can’t find one you can always clean out a paint can and use it. It can be decorated in so many ways. It is all up to your imagination and style.

Try painting it, then add some ribbon and lace, glue on some flowers or you can paint, decoupage and add lace for a vintage collage effect. You can make it meaningful by decoupaging photos (photocopies of course) from your parents’ or grandparents’ weddings or even photos from you and your fiancé’s dating years.

Other options include found objects that might make cute baskets. A big part of being green is reusing items for something other than what they were intended.

ice bucket If you want a rustic look for an outdoor or old fashioned style wedding, try one of these rustic buckets. It reminds me of a butter churn or a handmade ice cream maker. It might have been an ice bucket. I’m not sure what it was actually used for but I love it just the way it is. I found it at the local Salvation Army for less than $1. All you would have to do for the wedding is clean it and throw in some flowers petals and voila you have a charming flower girl basket.

If you are having a vintage style wedding, opt for an old handbag that the flower girl can carry instead of a basket. Want something that really stands out? Pick one that has decorative beads or faux jewels. They are easy to find at flea markets and antique shops and are usually relatively cheap. I found quite a few at my local antique store for under $10. You might even be able to find a few in a relative’s attic or basement. If it isn’t a family heirloom you could let the little girl keep it and add it to her dress up collection. No fuss, no muss.

vintage handbags These are all great Brideas that the bride-to-be can use to make her wedding a custom, unique, and beautifully memorable event. In part two I’ll take about even more flower girl basket options, so stay tuned.

[Note the term “Bridea” in the title stands for Bride Idea. It is a word I coined for crafty ideas the bride might customize and make her own for her wedding day. Bridea = bride + idea]

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