Bottle Top Ornaments

Bottle Top Ornaments

Bottle Top Ornaments

This craft is for three different types of people.

I know you’re trying to keep the little ones busy. They’re off from school. They’re hyped up on sugar. They’re keeping your from all those last minute holiday thingies you had to do! So how do you keep them busy? Corral them at the craft table, give them a few supplies – and letting their artistic side explode. This craft is so easy, no supervision is necessary – unless you have really bad kids.

Um, did you say you’re tree’s not up yet? Uh oh! Or maybe your tree is up and the lights are strung…but you ran out of steam when it came to the decorations. No biggie. This super-simple craft is for you! You can easily bang out these bottle top ornaments while sitting on the sofa and binge-watching holiday baking shows.

I can call you “crazy” because I’m also a CRAZY bottle top collector. I have a huge jar of them in my basement and I’m constantly trying to find new crafts to use them up. This project totally put a dent in my stash! (Never throw away those plastic caps! Find uses for them, please.)

Bottle tops

Getting Started
Pick out all the bottle tops you want to use for this craft and make sure they’re clean and dry. I think white, water bottle tops work the best.ย Drill two small holes, side-by-side, into the rims. This is where we’ll loop the string later.

Bottle Top Ornaments

To Make a Snowman
Draw a snowman’s face onto a bottle cap. (Eyes, carrot-nose…you get the idea.) Keep in mind where the holes are for hanging.
Draw buttons onto another bottle cap.ย Glue the two caps together to make a snowman. Add some string through the holes at the top and hang on your tree.

For a Snowflake
With glue, draw a snowflake onto the front of a bottle cap.ย Pour glitter onto the glue. Let the glitter set for a minute before shaking off the excess. String and hang once everything is dry.

For Hard Candy
With a red marker, draw swirls onto the front of a bottle cap. The swirls should resemble the pattern of round peppermint candies. You can string these like you did the others, or you can string them side-by-side to make peppermint garland.

Happy Last-Minute Holiday Crafting, Everybody!

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