Books Make Great Gifts for Green Crafters

I am a book hog, I know not green, but I love books, love to have them, to hold them, and of course…read them and a book never ever gets thrown away in my home. It would be sacrilegious.

If you know someone like me then check out some of the best eco-craft books available and consider sticking some of these crafty green books in their stockings or under the tree.


Green Guide for Artists: Nontoxic Recipes, Green Art Ideas, & Resources for the Eco-Conscious Artist  by Karen Michel is the book green crafters and artists should have. It lists craft and art supplies that are green and eco-friendly, less toxic, as well as gives recipes to make your own green supplies like natural paints and glues. The Green Guide for Artists also has fabulous recipes for making your own safe, non-toxic, “green” paints from natural materials, plants and pigments. There are recipes for: watercolor paints, gouache, egg tempera, glair paint, milk paint, and casein paints as well as many natural adhesives like collage glue, rice paste, waterproof glue, methyl cellulose glue, gum Arabic glue, casein glue, and acrylic glue.

Green Crafts for Children: 35 Step-by-Step Projects Using Natural, Recycled, And Found Materials by Emma Hardy is full of cute, whimsical and super adorable crafts that kids, especially little girls, are going to love. The projects in this book can be made from many items you may already have in your cupboard, laying around the house, or even in your yard like nuts, pine cones, and tree bark.

There are recipes for salt dough and the cutest play fruit, letter, beads and tea set projects to make from it, there’s also paper mache projects, yarn and wool projects, fabric and tissue paper flowers, and one of my personal favorites- glove creatures. This book is a treasure trove of inspiration for green crafting with children. I highly recommend this book for green mamas and their green girls. There are a few projects boys might enjoy too (Like the pine cone animals and the gourd creatures) but honestly this is a book more for the girly girls to enjoy.

Craftcycle by Heidi Boyd is one of the best eco-crafting books to hit the bookshelves with super creative, crafty and ingenious ideas. This eco-craft book is a definite keeper. Craftcycle contains over 100 eco-friendly projects plus eco-living tips and ideas. This book is sure to be on many a “greenies” wish list this year.

The Green Crafter: 52 Eco Friendly Projects for Every Week of the Year is a cute book by Richela Fabian Morgan. In this book you’ll find cute eco-craft projects for adults and kids with detailed directions for fun projects like sock monkeys, cute paper dolls, garden butterflies, paper flowers, and rock animals, ghosts on a string, photo ball ornaments, and keepsake boxes. The Green Crafter: 52 Eco Friendly Projects for Every Week of the Yearis a great eco-craft book to share with the kids.

The Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts ( Leisure Arts #4802) is a collection of fun and fabulous crafts made from all kinds of trashy, upcycled products. I see quite a few old favorites in this Leisure Arts publication from other Leisure Arts books including the Trash to Treasure series. The Big Green Book of Recycled Crafts is full of gifts, home decor and garden projects made from discarded items you probably have lying around the house, in your recycling bins, or maybe even in your trash. Grab this book and start crafting.

Sue Whitney’s Junk Beautiful books are the ultimate inspiration when it comes to taking a piece of whatever and re-purposing it into awesome decor. In the Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition , a tire and drum become a side table, an old grate becomes the centerpiece of a magnificent winter wreath, washboards and a printer’s drawer become a stylish outdoor patio table, a vintage wooden milk crate becomes a garden cart, dominoes become a soap dish, an old urinal becomes a planter and that’s just getting started on all the amazing ideas and transformations that take place in this book.

In Sue Whitney’s other book, Junk Beautiful: Room by Room Makeovers with Junkmarket Style which is actually the first book in the series, you’ll find ideas like: transforming a soap dish into a wall sconce, turning shutters in a shelf, making a glass lampshade into a water fountain, turning an old boot form into a lamp, making an old flour mill cart into a coffee table, and so much more. Purely amazing. Sue Whitney must be a master visionary to take trash and turn it into usable decor and fun storage.

8 thoughts on “Books Make Great Gifts for Green Crafters”

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  2. You are welcome. These books are all great ways to get your creativity flowing and many are excellent for sharing with yur kids.

    One even helped my oldest and his girlfriend complete an art assignement. They had to build a house and the one book, Green Crafts for Children, showed them some fun ways to easily make furniture for the little house.

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