20 Upcycled Bookmarks to Make

20 Upcycled Bookmarks to Make

You HAVE to have plenty of bookmarks.

Find yourself without a bookmark, and you might dog-ear your book. That is NOT okay.

See? Got to have a lot of bookmarks!

Fortunately, bookmarks, even though they’re small, have quite a bit of scope for the imagination, as Anne-with-an-would say. They’re some of the most satisfying projects to craft, since they come together so quickly, and they support a wide variety of media, so whether you’re a painter, a scrapbooker, a jewelry maker, or a crafter who defies category, there’s a bookmark for you.

To get you started making your own stash of bookmarks ever at the ready, check out these projects. They’re all made using natural or recycled materials, so you can feel really good about what you’re making:

1. book spine bookmarksEven a devastatingly damaged old book sometimes has a spine that you can save.

2. bottle cap bookmarksIf you’ve also got paperclips, then you’re all set.

3. cereal box bookmarksYou will never guess that these painted and embellished bookmarks used to be cereal boxes.

4. comic book bookmarkA ripped paperback or a gawdy comic book can live on as your new favorite bookmark.

5. envelope bookmarkThis is how you make those really cute corner bookmarks!

6. favorite quote bookmark: Upcycle ANY old piece of cardstock-weight paper into a bookmark that features your favorite passages from your favorite books.

7. greeting card bookmark: The magnetic closure on the back of this bookmark is especially genius.

8. junk mail bookmarkDo you still get junk mail? Turn it into something useful for a change.

9. leather scrap bookmarkAn old leather coat or pair of (shudder!) leather pants can make a really lush bookmark.

10. magazine cut-outs: Spell out a message, kidnapper-style.

11. necktie bookmarkYou own a lot of ugly ties.

12. plastic bag bookmarksAdd glitter, string, or other embellishments before you fuse these bags.

13. product tag bookmarksWould you believe that this bookmarks are made from clothing tags?

14. record album cover bookmark: Love the record album cover that goes with that sadly scratched record? Turn it into a bookmark!

15. scrap bookmarkEven the smallest paper or fabric scrap can make something really cute.

16. soda can bookmarks: Your favorite soda wants to help you keep your place.

17. Styrofoam bookmarkSometimes Styrofoam comes to you whether you like it or not.

18. tape measure bookmarkThe eyelet punch is your friend.

19. woven paper bookmarkWeave strips cut from any type of paper into a beautiful bookmark.

20. wrapping paper bookmarkThis is a great way to upcycle the wrapping paper on gifts that you receive.

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