Spotted: Book Page Star from House Revivals (and 11 other Book Page Projects)

Book Page Projects

Book Page Projects

Got some beat-up books?

You’ve got free craft supplies!

I know, I know… some people get VERY upset about book page crafts. But seriously, are you ever going to really read that set of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books? Is anyone? Yes, The Secret Garden is a beautiful book, but do you really want a copy with the cover torn off and grape juice all over chapter 3? Does anyone?

See what I mean? There’s definitely a place in this world for book page crafts.

To get you started, check out this vintage book page star from House Revivals. It’s festive enough to use as a Christmas decoration (even a tree topper!), but it could also make a fine Fourth of July decoration, or even a year-round piece.

And now that you’re inspired, check out the rest of these tutorials. There are a lot of book page projects out there in the world!

11 More Book Page Crafts

1. bookmarkDecoupage any meaningful book page here.

2. broochVintage paper is the base for a fun Mother’s Day brooch in this tutorial.

3. buntingThis project doesn’t even require glue!

4. decoupaged building blocksI did this with comic book pages, but it would also look cute with illustrations from picture books or atlases.

5. garlandBook pages look lovely as part of a festive garland.

6. greeting card. These prints with abstract designs are useful for a variety of occasions.

7. party decorationsHave an entire book page party!

8. photo holderFold down every single page in an old book to make the easiest photo display ever.

9. poemThis would be a great idea for a writing workshop or book club.

10. smash bookUse a whole beat-up book for this project, cover and all.

11. wingsWe make a lot of DIY wings in our house, for various very important dress-up reasons.

Have a good craft project tute that uses old book pages? Link to it in the Comments below!

[vintage book page star image via House Revivals]

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