10 Ideas for Better Board Game Storage

Board Game Storage

10 Better Board Game Storage Ideas

Grrr, why do board games suck so MUCH to store?!? Here are ten crafty ways to make your board game storage neat and tidy.

They stick off of shelves, they don’t stack neatly, the boxes are always caving in–what is an avid tabletop gamer with a bunch of board games to do?

Any of these things.

10 Board Game Storage Ideas

10 Ideas for Better Board Game Storage1. board game box. Make your own super-sturdy box from scratch to replace any beaten-up board game box. If you’re very thoughtful from the beginning, you could even choose one standard size for ALL of your boxes for easier stacking.

2. coffee can storageSmall games without a board can be easily stored in coffee cans decoupaged with pretty paper.

3. custom-built storage unitThis one is heavily-engineered and very well built, but if you’re handy in the woodshop, then a custom storage unit could be the neatest, most efficient solution. Bonus points if you use reclaimed wood!

4. framed wall storageThis is my favorite idea, because so many board games are just so lovely to look at. Here’s another way to do the project that mounts the game boards, rather than framing them.

5. game table on castersThis rolling short table is perfect for setting up complicated games or big puzzles, and then rolling the whole thing under the couch or bed between play times.

6. glass jars. Marbles, dice, dominoes, and plenty of other game pieces would look very pretty stored in glass jars.

7. rolling game tableThis game table is upcycled from an old coffee table. It’s perfect for a smaller number of board games, or for families with younger kids who enjoy having their playthings rotated. Keep a few board games handy, store the rest, and then next month switch them!

8. table chessboardWho needs a chess board when your table is one?

9. travel soap containerDo you have an old plastic travel soap container? Your Uno game wants to live in it.

10. wooden crate coffee tableThis is just inspiration rather than a tutorial, but any kind of crate-turned-coffee table would have plenty of room for board game storage!

4 thoughts on “10 Ideas for Better Board Game Storage”

    1. So what do you do? Wall of board games? Bedroom of board games? Cupboard under the stairs?

      Oh, and are they all accessible, or are some just for display? I’d imagine that you probably don’t play a different board game a day for three years, but heck–I don’t know your life! Also, can I come over?

  1. I accidentally discovered that those desk drawer organizer thingies work great for decks of cards and other small games like that. They even slide nicely under our little side table thing that holds the rest of the games. I’ll snap a photo when I go upstairs next and post it on instagram.

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