April Stash Bust is Over But not Out

Wine cork necklace
How have you been faring this April Stash Bust? The month is almost over and I’m happy to say that I can claim victory over my quest to not purchase any new craft supplies, though my stash is only a little bit lighter.

That’s ok, because while April is a good place to start to weed through the piles of fabric and cubbyholes filled with yarn, it isn’t the only month that stash busting can be front and center of my crafty to-do list.

To keep you inspired to keep at your stash, here are four awesome stash busting projects you too can try:

1. Cork Jewelry

Flickr user brasspaperclip, had the brilliant idea to take a wine cork and turn it into elegant jewelry. What a fun idea. I love the contrasting wine stained piece.

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