April is Stash Busting Month!

It’s that time of year again. Time to pledge your allegiance to buy no new craft supplies and materials and only use what you have on hand. Can you make it for the entire month? The April Stash Bust has started and what better way to make use of April’s showers than de-stashing? Who knows what craft supplies you may have acquired over the course of the year? And what you’ll find during your spring cleaning!

So the challenge again, is to do your best to not purchase any new craft supplies for the month, and only use what you have. Show off your stash busting skills by putting your awesome creations in the Stash Busting Flickr pool. Each week of April, we’ll highlight a project or two, so be sure to include the materials you used from your stash.

For even more stash busting fun and inspiration, sign up for Swap-bot’s April Stash Bust Swap!

Can you make it the entire month?

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