A Review of Collage, Assemblage and Altered Art by Diane Maurer- Mathison

You might be wondering how collage and altered art are green. Well, many collage and altered art makers use found materials to create their works of art. Scraps of paper, old postcards, stamps, stickers, ribbon, fabric scraps and whatever else they find and put it all together to create works of art. And that’s green to me.

Most of the projects and works of art displayed in Collage, Altered Art and Assemblage all have a vintage feel that really appeals to me.

This delightful book covers the basics, the materials and the how-to’s for creating collages and assemblages and other altered art. It is chock full of ideas and showcases an awesome gallery of other artist’s work.

Some of the projects in this book are whimsical while others are clever and fun like a Voodoo Doll project.

From Amazon:

Collage is more than a pile of snapshots and a glue stick. So much more. Let Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art lead the way to a whole new way of creating collage! Artist and author Diane Maurer-Mathison begins the book with an overview of collage, including history, tools, and techniques, plus materials and principles of color and design. Then it’s on to the collage projects, from traditional layered-paper-and-glue creations to photomontage to mixed media to digital collage. Next comes assemblage, with three-dimensional objects added to the collage mix to produce memory and shadow boxes, shrines, art dolls, jewelry, and sculpture. The last section, on altered art, reveals how collage and assemblage techniques can be used to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary art.

Detailed step-by-steps and clear instructions, plus beautiful full-color photographs of collage, assemblage, and altered art by noted artists, make this the complete reference guide to collage in every dimension.

If your tastes run along the lines of vintage and Victorian style art then this book will inspire you. It is another fantastic book to get you started with collage and altered art.

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