Review of Altered Art for the First Time by Madeline Arendt

Altered ArtI am still on my altered art kick and found another book on the subject and think this one is the absolute best. 

Altered Art for the first time combines my love of books with altered art. Almost every tutorial and project in the book is an altered art book creation.

The great thing about this book, is that it is filled with crafty how to directions, not just pretty pictures and suggestions.

Altered Art for the First Time doesn’t just contain great suggestions, altered art basics, ideas and photos. This book is actually an altered art craft book with detailed materials lists and step by step instructions with photos.

Blank books, journals, old board books, blank sketchbooks, composition books, old dictionaries and other old books, paper mache boxes, tags, playing cards, mint tins, matchboxes, envelopes, and more are used to create beautiful works of altered art.

The how-to’s and designs are all very girly looking too, which I like because even though I have a few hard edges I am a girly girl at heart. These designs are frilly, pretty and stylish. Some are even whimsical and have a delightful Victorian appeal.

If altered art and book crafts appeal to you this is THE book for you.

Now if I just had the time to actually create these beautiful works of art I’d be all set. I got the books, I got most of the supplies, now I just need the time.

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