A Blank Canvas Book Awaiting Your Creativity

The Ready To Go Blank Canvas Book is a great craft project that can be used to create memories, gifts and more.

My problem is that I have a blank canvas in front of me and I can’t decide what to do with it.

Do you ever get caught up in the purity of a pristine piece of blank paper? That’s kinda how I feel right now. I am daunted by the options for this beautiful blank book. What should I do? Who should I make it for?

The holidays are coming and I have considered making a pretty book for my mom, or my daughter, or a romantic memory book for my husband, or…

You get the picture now.

I just don’t know what to do with it: paint it, decoupage it, scrap it, stamp it….there are just so many options and it is such a nice book what if I mess it up?

Maybe I should get another one in case I screw this one up or in case I decide I want to make one for each person on my list (that is if the first one comes out fab).

Anyway if you are looking for something interesting and fun to craft with check out these blank books.

Maybe you can give me an idea on what to do with it. I thought I knew what I was going to do then I realized there are too many options. What would you do with it?

C & T Publishing makes these blank books that are:

  • Blank, raw, 100% cotton canvas bound into a soft book
  • Ready to paint, sew,ink, dye, decoupage, stamp, cut, and embellish
  • Available in two sizes: 7″ x 8″ and 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • The flexible, soft surface makes an ideal base for altered arts and mixed media
  • The 6 pocketed pages can be filled with batting or foam to make a soft book for children, or cut the pages to make a 12-page cloth book.
  • Top and bottom edges are pre-stitched to prevent fraying.

Ready-to-Go! Blank Canvas Book 8 1/2 x 11: Play with It! Embellish Alter Bead Quilt Paint Stamp available at Amazon.com and a craft store near you.

Written by Wenona Napolitano

Wenona is married with three crazy kids that range in age from 4 to 18. She is a freelance writer, poet and the author of The Everything Green Wedding Book.

She enjoys reading, writing, crafting and gardening. She tries to do all of these as "greenly" as possible.

Her writing has appeared in several local and regional publications, Pack O Fun, Today's Creative Home Arts, and Indiana Living Green magazines as well as numerous online sites including PlentyMag.com, EthicalWeddings.com, MyEcoChicWedding.com, eHow, Associated Content, Suite101 and Life123.com.


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  1. ahhhhh the beast of perfectionism rears its ugly head… try not to get caught up in the what ifs of it all…. I would either go with your first instinct on how you wanted to use it, or, use it for yourself and make it a book about all the possibilities for using that book… a book for all your great ideas that you can use on subsequent books…. everything you need you have within you.

    …scatter joy…

  2. Love the concept so much I think I might save a couple of bucks and make one from scratch for myself. With just a yard of canvas from http://www.jofabrics.com or any fabric store, I could probably make two! A great idea for the holidays or any time of year really. I’m thinking about a small memory book for my sister’s birthday next month complete with trims and notions to really customize it. Thanks for the blog!

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