7 Kids Room Ideas: DIY Decor for Kids

7 Upcycled Kids Room Ideas

by Susan Yoo-Lee

7 Kids Room Ideas

Decorating a child’s room doesn’t have to use a lot of money and create a lot of waste. Try some of these kids room ideas instead!

My two young daughters are imaginative, bold and ambitious, so we’re always brainstorming new ways to make their room feel magical. Sharing a bedroom isn’t always easy for the pair, but by working together to create a colorful and creative space, they’ve learned to love their close quarters. Over the years, I’ve discovered a few simple and affordable ways to repurpose old items into something brand new. Not only does it change the look of the room, but the kids have so much fun helping with these kids room ideas in the process!

1. Dazzling Diamond Canopy

When my daughter noticed that the canopy over her bed was looking a little dingy, she came up with this “dazzling” idea to brighten it up. We bought a bag of colorful, sparkly faux crystals at the craft store, then hot glued them onto the old canopy to give it a brand new life. The result: a jewel-encrusted canopy worthy of a princess. Be sure to test a section of fabric to see if it’s strong enough to handle the weight of the crystals.

2. Crib Spring Art Display

If you have a school-aged child, you’re well aware of the piles of artwork that’s constantly bringing home. While I love my child’s creations, it gets to the point where my fridge looks like an art project in itself. And don’t get me started about how frustrating it is when opening the fridge door results in an avalanche of artwork. There’s actually a better way to display your child’s artwork using an old crib spring. You can leave the crib spring as is for that raw industrial look or you can spray paint it the color of your choice.

3. Book Sling

Since we’re already on the subject of upcycling your child’s old crib, you can also use it for a variety of other things, including creating a bookshelf. Take the front and back panels of the crib and cut off two slats, leaving every third slat intact. Use two of those slats as spacers by cutting them into 3-inch pieces. Nail the front and back, sand it, and paint it. After you’re done painting, use two pillowcases to create a book sling. You can find the detailed step-by-step guide on DIY Home Sweet Home.

4. Ragtime Chair

This idea came about when I was cutting off the bottom half of my children’s leggings because they either had holes in them or the knees were unspeakably dirty. After I cut those pieces off, my kids would use the scraps to make headbands, wristbands, belts and more. One day, my daughter took her fabric and tied it around the slats of a wooden chair, and it inspired this project. We lined up all of the cut fabric, tied the ends together and wove it through the chair slats, creating a fun, eclectic look, similar to this repaired deck chair.

5. Chalkboard Wall or Door

Ask any kid, and they’ll tell you that drawing on the wall is so much more exciting than drawing on paper. Encourage their inner Picassos by picking an accent wall or door and painting it with chalkboard paint. Not only do the kids get a chance to express themselves on a large scale, but you can also use the space to write house rules, chore lists, messages and more. It’s super fun for the kids, but even more fun for the adults!

Get more chalkboard paint ideas here!

6. Artsy Mason Jar Pencil Holder

From weddings to birthday parties, everyone loves using these old-fashioned glass jars to accent a space. In our house, we use them to store pencils, colored pencils, markers and more. Take a clean mason or really any reclaimed glass jar and hot glue colorful pom poms all over the outside. After you’re done, you’ll have a pencil holder that looks like it belongs in Whoville! Just make sure that you de-stink those old jars before you use them. No one wants pencils that smell like old tomato sauce!

7. Stuffed Animal Canopy

Let’s say that your child doesn’t want to use her canopy anymore and you’re not sure if you should throw it away or store it. Just think about the endless amount of stuffed animals your child has and how messy their room is after they’re done playing with them. Now you have a cute and contained way of storing the stuffed animals without shoving them into bins and closed containers. Take your child’s old canopy and tie a knot towards the bottom of it. You’ll notice there are two openings to the canopy for you to stuff the animals into. If you prefer to have one opening, you can use a glue gun to close the other end or use Velcro to keep it intact. You can also use this tutorial, replacing the fabric with the old canopy or even fabric from your stash.

What are your favorite ways to turn trash to treasure in your children’s rooms, and add a bit of whimsy in the process? Please share your ideas in the comments!

Susan Yoo-Lee is the editor at Savings.com. She founded Mommas in the House in 2009 when she was pregnant with her 2nd child. Currently, you can see some of her published work on LHJ.com, More.com, WomansDay.com, AJC.com, ClarkHoward.com, US News & World Report, Military.com, LearnVest.com and more.

republished with permission from Sustainablog; chalkboard photo via Shutterstock

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