5 Ways to Repurpose Old Games

playing risk

3. Board Game Bookmark

This is a simple craft you can do with either the board itself or the box. To create your bookmark, just use scissors or a box cutter to cut a 2″ x 6″ rectangle. If you’re using a box, you can punch a hole at the top and even use a corner rounder to make things extra fancy. Tie a ribbon in the hole at the top, and you’re ready to roll!

For the heavier cardboard of the board itself, a corner rounder is probably not such a viable option. Use a nail, dremel, or very thin drill bit to create a hole at the top, then tie your ribbon. You might also need some very fine-grained sand paper to smooth the edges of the cardboard.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Repurpose Old Games”

  1. I’ve used old board games to decorate my sons’ room–just hang the boards on the wall with tacks. (The playing pieces were lost long ago)

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