4 DIY Lighting Ideas to Green Your Decor

DIY Lighting Ideas

The right light fixtures can really change the whole mood in a room. Rather than toss your old lamps and fixtures, try these DIY lighting ideas to give them a face lift instead!

Of course, these DIY lighting ideas only address one of the impacts of your lighting situation, right? Sure, you’re keeping waste out of the landfill, but what about the energy that your lamp or light fixture uses when it’s turned on? Switching to a more energy efficient light bulb, like compact fluorescents or LED bulbs, helps conserve energy and save money. These bulbs do cost more than clunky old incandescents, but they last a whole lot longer and help reduce your power bill, so in the end, you save money! Don’t believe me? Check out the math!

Got an old light fixture that needs a revamp and your energy efficient bulbs? Check out our slideshow of DIY lighting ideas to update your decor without buying new!

1. Update a Vintage Chandelier

A chandelier looks so classy in your house or apartment’s foyer, but old hanging fixtures can look a little bit dated. Check out how Bonnie quickly updated a vintage chandelier with a just a few inexpensive supplies!

DIY Lighting Ideas hanging lamp

2. Re-Cover a Hanging Light Fixture

Feeling a little bit more ambitious? I love how Kristina Ackerman at Knuckle Salad revamped her old hanging light fixture. You’ll want a buddy for this project, but the fresh, modern result is so worth the effort!

3. Make a Lace Lamp

Turn a plain glass lamp into a piece of shabby chic decor with some vintage lace and the right sort of glue. You can find my lace lamp tutorial right here!

4. Repair a Torn Lamp Shade

Paper lamp shades are pretty, but they can be so fragile, can’t they? A little tear doesn’t have to mean the end of that lamp shade’s life, though. It’s super simple to repair a torn lamp shade and make it even cuter than before!

Image Credits: photos by Bonnie Getchell and Kristina Ackerman

Written by Becky Striepe

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