34 Awesome T-Shirt Crafts

T-Shirt Crafts

Grab a tee from your closet or the thrift store, and let’s make some t-shirt crafts!

Are you getting a little bit of the spring cleaning bug? If you’re cleaning out your dresser and closet, maybe set aside some of the tees you were planning to donate and use them in some of these fun t-shirt crafts! Jersey fabric – the sort used to make t-shirts – is fun and versatile to sew with.

Sewing with Jersey

Jersey is a cotton-based fabric, and for ethical crafters that means you want to choose reclaimed jersey or go with organic to avoid supporting dirty conventional cotton. Old t-shirts are probably your easiest source for reclaimed jersey.

The challenge when doing t-shirt crafts comes in when you send that tee through your sewing machine. Reclaimed knit fabric has had some wear and tear, so it’s even more likely than new to stretch and warp in your sewing machine. Don’t worry, though! Earlier this week I shared how to sew knit fabric without all of those stretches and ripples.

The other trick when sewing knits is working with the stretch. We’ve got you covered there, too. Check out the three best stitches for sewing jersey knit.

31 Aweseome T-Shirt Crafts

1. T-Shirt Kid’s Purse

2. Braided T-Shirt Rag Rug

3. Mana-TEE Pillow

4. Upcycled Rosette Brooch

5. Notebook Tee

6. Maternity Skirt

no-sew grocery bags made from upcycled T-shirts

7. No-Sew T-Shirt Grocery Bag

8. Add a Pop of Color to an Old Sweatshirt – Double upcycling!

9. iPod Holder

10. Sass it Up with a Lace Insert

11. Jersey and Chain Bracelet

12. No-Sew Pillowcase

13. T-Shirt Pom Pom

14. Watercolor Tee

Neckerchief T-Shirt Scarf

15. Neckerchief T-Shirt Scarf

16. T-Shirt Bib Necklace

17. Child’s Skirt from an Adult Tee

18. Straight Knot Necklace

19. Turn them into Baby Leggings

20. Add a Monster Applique

21. Ruffled Bucket Hat

22. Baby Shortalls

23. Take in an Oversized Tee

24. T-Shirt Skirt

25. T-Shirt to Racerback Tank

26. Ruffle Tank Top

27. Kid’s PJs from a Tee

28. Drop-Waist T-Shirt Dress

29. No-Sew Halter

30. Kid’s Tee Totes

31. T-Shirt Tankini

32. Kid’s Shorts from a T-Shirt

33. Graphic Faux-Printed Tee

34. T-Shirt Yarn Basket

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