30 Free Apron Patterns and Tutorials

You should probably be wearing an apron.

The stuff you do is messy, right? Honestly, I can ruin an entire outfit just microwaving leftover spaghetti.

Aprons can help with that.

You will WANT to wear an apron every time you cook or craft as soon as you see all these super cute, super awesome, homemade aprons that you can make.

Also, all of these patterns are FREE. Check them out!

1. One-Yard Apron This brilliant apron pattern uses almost exactly one yard of fabric, with very little waste.

2. Crossback Apron I love that this apron fits a variety of sizes WITHOUT using ties!


3. Full Apron This is your basic, sewn full apron. Mix and match quilting cottons or add in novelty fabrics.

4. Half-Apron For A Small Child Here’s another little apron that is adorable when made with mitchy-matchy quilting cottons.

5. One-Yard Apron There’s very little wasted material in this apron–one yard of fabric is enough for the whole thing!

6. Easy Ruffled Apron If you like a lot of ruffles, this is a great way to get them!

7. Pleated Top Apron Aprons don’t have to be frumpy, as this elegant pattern will certainly show you.

8. Thankful Apron This Thanksgiving-themed apron has a fitted top and cording.

9. Upcycled Jeans Front Apron If you need an apron with pockets (and who doesn’t?!?), then upcycling a pair of blue jeans just might be the way to go!


10. Vintage Style Apron This apron uses FOUR different fabrics, so there’s plenty of room for mixing and matching.

11. Vintage Look Half-Apron The slim lines of this half-apron give it a flattering fit.

12. Apron With An Asymmetrical Hem This apron is reminiscent of a ballgown–wear it when you cook for your next princess party!

13. Cocktail ApronThis apron is easy-peasy to put together because its pattern is a free, downloadable pdf.

14. Pillowcase Apron If you love pillowcase clothing, then you’re going to really love this pillowcase apron!

15. Vintage Handkerchief Apron Here’s another lovely way to upcycle those decorative vintage handkerchiefs.


16. Reversible Apron Maybe you don’t want to have to wash your apron the second that you get a stain on it. That’s no problem with THIS apron–it’s reversible!

17. Button-Down Shirt Apron Upcycling a shirt front into an apron couldn’t be easier.

18. Patchwork Apron The patchwork pocket on this apron is a lovely way to show off some special fabric combinations.

19. Apron Upcycled From A Dress The tutorial upcycles a linen dress, which makes a huge difference in the look of the apron.

20. Embroidered Apron No matter what fabric you use, you can always embellish it with embroidery.

21. DIY Adjustable Apron Pattern Prefer to make your own apron from scratch? This tute will show you how to make your own pattern.

22. Craft Show Vendor Apron Who says that aprons are just for the kitchen and garden? Whether you’re running a craft show or a garage sale, you’ll appreciate this handy apron.


23. Pippi Longstocking Apron I feel like you need to make Pippi Longstocking’s apron, don’t you?

24. Princess Dress Up Aprons Aprons make playing dress-up SOOO easy for little kids!

25. Upcycled Denim Apron That ill-fitting pair of jeans would much rather be your new apron.

26. Child’s Reversible Fox Apron Your little fox will love this apron!

27. Child’s Holiday Apron I love the idea of special holiday-themed accessories, and I think it’s an adorable idea to have aprons that get to be used just for Christmas.


28. Child’s Reversible Fat Quarter Apron The BEST thing about sewing for children is how little fabric it takes. Gather a couple of fat quarters, and you’ll be good to go with this project.

29. Crocheted Egg Gathering Apron Uggh, I want one of these so badly! Must learn to crochet!

30. Grilling Apron This is exactly the apron that you need when you barbecue.

Know of any more awesome free apron patterns? Tell me about them in the Comments below!

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