25 DIY Scrapbook Supplies

25 DIY Scrapbook Supplies

25 DIY Scrapbook Supplies

Step away from the scrapbooking aisle!

You don’t need those over-priced, store-bought supplies, not when you can make your own so easily, and from eco-friendly materials, too.

Here are scrapbook supplies that you can make yourself:

1. aged paperAntique paper with coffee.

2. alcohol inkThis is easy to make from old markers.

3. aluminum foil rickrackIt makes good page borders.

4. beadsMake them from recycled paper, and string them across an album page.

5. beeswax paperIt’s a natural way to preserve paper.

6. book album pagesThe print in books makes a fascinating background to whatever you want to add; include the entire book page in your scrapbook, or cut it down and glue it to an existing page.

7. bookmarkStash ribbon and hot glue are all you need to add a moveable bookmark to your scrapbook.

8. bowsThe only supplies that you need are paperclips, paper, and glue.

9. buttonsMake your own buttons from eco-friendly materials.

10. cardboard album pageCardboard has an interesting texture, and is sturdy enough to support a lot of creative embellishing.

11. credit card mosaicCut up your credit cards into small pieces, then mosaic a colorful frame around a photo in your scrapbook.

12. embroidered mapDon’t throw out the map that you used on your last vacation! Do this, then add it to your vacation scrapbook.

13. envelope albumUse this to store loose memorabilia.

14. glitterDid you know that you can make your own glitter? You can!

15. grocery bag scrapbookThis scrapbook is perfect for documenting occasions, and makes a great kid’s scrapbook.

16. manila file folder albumYou don’t still use hanging files, do you? Give your unused manila file folders a new life!

17. paper buttonsStack cardstock-weight paper to make custom buttons.

18. paper sewingStitch directly onto paper to create your own embellishments.

19. shipping box albumThe next box that comes to your door is your next photo album.

20. soda can embellishmentsYou can put pieces cut from soda cans into most die-cutting machines.

21. stampsCarving your own stamp lets you avoid a trip to the store!

22. stencilsYou can make re-usable stencils using playing cards.

23. stickersImages from vintage books, comic books, or magazines make great stickers. you can also make washi-style stickers using stash fabric or paper and double-sided tape.

24. wax sealsUse your stamps not with ink, but with melted crayon!

25. wood block printingYour kid’s vintage alphabet blocks are good for more than just learning the abc’s.

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