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Published on July 5th, 2017 | by Julie Finn


21 Things to Make with Rocks!

Art on the Rocks review

While my kids were at camp last week, I repainted their bedroom, which meant that I had to clean it out first. This turned into some kind of abject archaeological excavation in which I discovered that 1) the kids never throw away their candy wrappers and I need to stop letting them buy candy and 2) where on earth are they getting all of these rocks from, why do they even have five million rocks, anyway, and what do they plan to do with said five million rocks other than stuff them in the bottom of their sock bin and behind the dresser and inside their jewelry boxes and under their bed?

Seriously, they have a LOT of rocks.

Rocks are fascinating all on their own, and there’s for sure no rock shaming going on over in this house, now that the kids are home to a freshly-painted bedroom and a couple of five-gallon buckets of rocks sitting in it, but I will be spending the rest of the summer gently turning their attention to some of the fun things that you can do with rocks, other than hoard them.

Have a rock hoarding problem of your own? Check out some of my favorite things to do with rocks, and siphon some of them off into a few of these awesome rock projects!

1. constellation artRocks and sidewalk chalk are all you need to learn your constellations.

2. decoupaged rocksMake your rock art multi-media! Here’s another method for decoupaging them with found and vintage papers.

Things to Do with Rocks3. DIY treasureI used this as a hide-and-seek game for a dragon-themed children’s birthday party.

4. Draw on rocks. Here’s the BEST pen to draw on rocks.

5. engraved rocksThese are easier to make than you’d think!

6. felted wool rocksFelted wool rocks are good pattern weights, but they’re also just a fun, process-oriented handicraft.

7. foot washing stationIf you’re sick of muddy feet tracking dirt all over your house, this is the solution.

8. glow-in-the-dark rocksLine a whole outdoor path with them, or just place them for emphasis.

9.labelled collectionIdentify your rocks, then display them!

10. labyrinthAdd some calm to your garden.

11. macrame rock necklaceEmbroidery floss and stones are two of my favorite natural materials to craft with.

12. marbled paperweightHere’s how you de-stash some of that old nail polish!

13. melted rock artYou have to use the oven for this project, although it’s worth the fuss, because kids LOVE it.

14. moveable alphabetKids who are learning to read need lots of letters, all kinds of letters. Here’s one more fun way to present them.

Things to do with Rocks15. painted rocksThese make great paperweights, or you can hide them for others to find. Check out the Kindness Rocks project for more info!

16. pet rock lionKids love crafts! Keep them busy one rainy day making this cute rock lion. Inspired? Make a whole zoo!

17. photo holderThese rock photo holders are so simple to make, but perfectly lovely and useful.

18. process-oriented rock paintingPreschoolers will LOVE this messy art activity.

19. travel tic-tac-toeThis would be a great little gift, or a good craft for a group of kids to make altogether. Got even more rocks? Make checkers!

20. trivetThis trivet couldn’t be easier to make, and it looks amazing.

21. wire-wrapped necklaceGet some of those rocks out of the hoard and onto your neck!

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