13 DIY Plant Markers from Recycled and Natural Materials

DIY Plant Markers

Wire Hanger Plant Markers

It’s garden season again–yay! Having accidentally left all my plant markers in the garden of my old house (I hope the new owners enjoy them!), I need to make new ones this year, so I thought that I would explore my options.

Y’all, there are a LOT of plant marker tutes out there in the world!

I’ve confined my results to those that use either natural or recycled materials, obv, but also to those that aren’t so finicky that it would break your heart if a kid stepped on them (better on that then on the plants!), and that look easily doable–I want to spend my time on my plants, NOT my plant markers.

Spoiler alert: As a result of my research, I think I’ll be painting rocks and Mason jar lids this year. What are YOUR plant markers going to look like?

1. clothespinsThese are quick and easy–and easy to disassemble at the end of the season!

2. copperThese will age nicely, but you’ll need to put them somewhere that they won’t get battered.

3. dinosaursHere’s a perfect way to use up the small toys that your kids have outgrown–if they ever do!

Wire Hanger and Found Object Plant Markers4. found object hanging markersThese are fun to embellish with whatever pretties that you can discover around your house; my kids like to use alphabet beads.

5. keyboard keysYou can reletter keys to get the letters that you need–otherwise, you’d need a LOT of old keyboards in order to label your garden!

6. painted rock or brick plant markersYou can let the kids have a larger canvas with these plant markers; just seal them when they’re finished, so they don’t fade.

7. juice can lidsI think I’m going to use old Mason jar lids for this project!

8. shaved sticksThese look best when wood burned, I think, but hey–whatever gets them in the ground!

9. soda can plant markersI’ve learned the hard way that soda can edges can be sharp, so it wouldn’t hurt to take these for a turn around your bench grinder before you stamp them.

10. stamped spoonsThese markers will end up on the small side, so they’re great for container gardens.

11. stamped washer plant tagsThese are understated, and won’t draw the eye away from your pretty plants.

Vinyl Blind Plant Markers12. vinyl blindsSome older types of blinds are not food-safe, so know the provenance of your old blinds or use them with your ornamentals.

13. wine cork plant markersBetter start drinking up the wine, if you have a big garden this year!

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