10 Gadget Cases for Your Inner Geek

kindle caseAre you crazy for your iPhone or in love with your PSP? All of those gadgets and gizmos keep us connected and entertained, and the least we can do is protect them from dings and scratches by whipping up cases for them!

Yesterday, we made a Kindle case out of upcycled fabric, and it’s pretty simple to make any gadget case tutorial into an eco-friendly one by using reclaimed materials in place of new ones. You can raid your scrap bin, opt for recycled felt, use organic cotton or hemp, or combine any of these eco options to create custom gadget cases that are as green as they are cute! Here are 10 tutorials to get you started:

  1. Sew it Mama shows you how to sew a PSP Case.
  2. At Sew Mama Sew, learn how to make a cozy for toting your iPhone or digital camera.
  3. Ars Technica shows you how to sew a laptop sleeve.
  4. I’m loving this romantic-looking iPad cozy from Sew. Craft. Create!
  5. Sew Mad shares a detailed tutorial for making a snug camera case, no matter what size your camera is.
  6. Over at Instructables, you can learn how to make a case to stash your DS Lite games.
  7. Katie Koo Koo shows you how to sew a custom case for your Blackberry.
  8. This sweet cell phone cardigan from One Artsy Mama is adorable!
  9. At Curbly, Mod Home Ec Teacher shows you how to make your own laptop messenger bag.
  10. I’m in love with this gadget case made from vintage napkins at Meet Me At Mike’s.

The trickiest part to green up in many of these tutorials is when it calls for batting or interfacing. If you have scraps around that are the right size, use those, but otherwise sturdy denim will work in place of heavy interfacing, and you can use organic cotton batting to add some cushion, where they call for it.

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  1. Batting/padding is a good place for reuse! I keep a stash of old blankets, especially the fuzzy acrylic and poly fleece kind. Both work well as quilt batting and in small padded projects.

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