Artsy Things Christmas Guide to Upcycling by Mahe Zehra Husain

Published on February 7th, 2012 | by Julie Finn


Giveaway: Win a Copy of The Christmas Guide to Upcycling, by Mahe Zehra Husain

The Christmas Guide to Upcycling by Mahe Zehra Husain

Mahe Zehra Husain is an artist who makes magic out of aluminum cans and plastic packaging. Yesterday on CAGW, I reviewed her e-book Crafty Cans and Perplexing Plastic, in which she offers tutorials for using die-cutters and embossing tools to upcycle soda cans and plastic packaging into jewelry, bookmarks, scrapbook embellishments, and more. This week, Mahe is giving away 25 copies of her e-book The Christmas Guide to Upcycling.

For this giveaway, you may use as many or as few of the following points of entry as you’d like:

  1. Comment once on this post, telling us your favorite material to upcycle into a craft supply, for one entry.
  2. Visit Mahe’s blog, Altered Fantasy, and sign up with your email address to follow her blog. Leave a comment on this post telling us that you’ve done so for one entry.
  3. Like Crafting a Green World on Facebook, and leave a comment on this post telling us that you like us for one entry.
  4. Follow CAGW on Twitter, and leave a comment on this post telling us that you follow us for one entry.
  5. Help spread the word by blogging, Facebooking, or tweeting about this giveaway. Leave a comment on this post telling us that you’ve done so for one entry.

Don’t forget–to notify you that you’ve won a copy of The Christmas Guide to Upcycling, we have to have your correct email address, so pay attention when you’re typing it into the web form before you comment. Your email address will stay private, and we don’t use it for anything other than telling you that you’re a winner.

This giveaway closes at 11:00 pm EST on February 10, 2012, and I’ll be announcing the winners in a post right back here at CAGW on  Monday, February 13.

[The image on this page is the property of Mahe Zehra Husain.]

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  • RaDonna Murner

    I recycle old denim jeans, denim shirts and other clothing into purses, aprons, pot holders, and many other things.

  • RaDonna Murner

    I did not sign up on her blog to follow it, because I use Google Reader. But I did add her blog to my Google Reader, does that count?

  • Jazz

    I try to reuse everything I can – from the little basket strawberries come in to those sweatpants that are wonderfully too big. I crochet, a lot. Anything that will turn into yarn, I can and will…if it’s made out of cotton (sweatpants, t-shirts, blue jeans, etc.) so much the better. Old sweaters are great too.

  • maria

    My favorite thing to upcycle are sheets!

  • maria

    I signed up to follow the blog.

  • maria

    I liked them on fb.

  • maria

    I followed them in twitter

  • Shannon Ganshorn

    I love recycling old books. I know it’s considered sacrilege by some, but if it gets turned into a box or a piece of art, then it is used an appreciated for another of its lifetimes!

  • mxfitzau

    I like making guitar picks from old credit cards, probably using a similar technique to Mahe xXx

  • mxfitzau

    just to let you know your facebook link does not seem to work and i cant find u on a general search other than a link to your web page xXx

  • Amy

    I upcycle vintage bedsheets for lounge pants for my family. Also, I upcycle graphics from the greeting/holiday cards we receive into future cards. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • Amy

    I signed up at her blog–it is so inspiring!

  • Betty

    I love making all kinds of crafts using soda cans- jewelry, cards etc. I can now justify keeping all my cans.

  • Edur

    Last thing I recicled was an sticker book to make some letters for the birthday of my son.

  • michelle

    I use old wire to twist and make into fish and bird ornaments, and to put around old jars to hang with candles in them.

  • michelle

    I joined Altered Fantasy.

  • Eve Stavros

    I like using onion net mesh bags to crochet into dish scrubbies! But I’m trying not to buy any more (refuse, refuse, refuse plastic), so I have to beg them from friends!

  • Eve Stavros

    I just signed up to follow her blog – and I’m glad I did – love her cool website!!!!

  • Maria

    I like to upcycle clothes to make bags, accesoires (necklaces, scarfs, earrings) and softies.

  • Maria

    I confirm that the facebook link doesn’t work and that there’s no match if you use the search function.

    • Becky Striepe

      Whoops! All fixed up. We also have a link to our Facebook page in the sidebar. ;)

  • JO

    I signed up to follow Altered Fantasy

  • JO

    I like to use a variety of no-longer-needed items for crafts, toys, other household uses, etc… things like cans and containers, old clothes, all kinds of paper products, etc., etc., can usually find life as other objects

  • Marilynn Britton

    I upcycle many different materials and recycle what I don’t use. I would love a book on how I could use more.

  • cheryl frankfurth

    I try to recycle or up cycle just about everything but I guess so far it’s turning old t-shirts into scarves, headbands and bracelets. Also, I ‘like you on Facebook and follow you on twitter. Are you on pinterest? I’ll follow you there when you arrive :-) .

  • Marilynn Britton

    I already follow you on Facebook.

  • Marilynn Britton

    I now follow you on Twitter.

  • Marilynn Britton

    I retweeted about the giveaway on Twitter.

  • Beth

    I like to use old flannel to make rag quilts and even use them for the “batting” – really soft and fluffy and warm!

  • Marilynn Britton

    I shared the link about the giveaway on Facebook.

  • Marilynn Britton

    I signed up for the Blog on Altered Fantasy.

  • Laura B

    I signed up to follow Altered FAntasy by email and I’ve ‘liked’ CAGW on FB and I’ve followed on Twitter! Currently, I’m mostly using my junk mail to craft with – paper bows, woven mats to be attached to greeting cards, and learning to make & use papier mache, but after reading Mahe’s works, I’m going to pull some cans out of the bin to cut up and play with. Woohoo! even more junk that I’ll be “saving”. won’t that make the Mr. happy….

  • Lynn

    I love using garage sale and thrift store finds, t shirts, old sweaters, old hardware to make jewelry, up cycled clothing and housewares. I signed up to follow Mahe’s blog. Thanks.

  • Kavita Macleod

    I recycle old wool sweaters into sweaterpants for my kids. They are super warm! I also just signed up to follow her excellent blog, and liked her on facebook!

  • Laura

    love it – thank you for telling me about it! I’d love to learn more about – I definitely signed up to receive emails!

  • Marilyn

    I signed up to follow her blog!

  • linda

    I have used recycled wire, bottle caps, alum cans and otehr items to recycle into art and jewelry!

  • robin

    I love to use old wool sweaters…………I make all kinds of wall art, custom DVD/CD holders, coasters, and even some jewelry from them. It’s a great “fabric” as it does not ravel once it’s been felted!

  • Muireann

    I love using the cardboard in the recycling bin to make pretty office supplies. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Beth

    I use everything I can get my hands on. I really get into using things out of bicycle rims. Whether it be to create mobiles or weaving for wall art.

  • Beth

    Subscribed to Altered Fantasy by email.

  • Beth

    “like” on Facebook of course

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