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Published on February 3rd, 2010 | by Becky Striepe


Transforming a Pair of Old Mens’ Sweaters into a Dress [video]

This amazing video tutorial is a lesson in more than just sewing. Annika Sanders of UK clothing shop Junky Styling shows that green crafting is all about your mindset.


I just love what an unusual take this is! The quote that really stood out for me was:

It’s not about demonstrating technical genius…It’s about seeing things differently. So, once things are opened up flat or turned on their heads or turned on their sides, they become completely different garments.

It just strikes me as a philosophy that a lot of green crafters share. Where most folks look at items in a thrift store or junk headed to their trash and recycle bins as static, green crafters see so much possibility. It’s that mindset that allows us to do what we do, and I felt like Sanders summed it up really well in the quote above.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by 5500

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5 Responses to Transforming a Pair of Old Mens’ Sweaters into a Dress [video]

  1. While I love the perspective this young crafter holds in regards to the possibilities seen in otherwise outdated or undesirable garments, I think I would have recreated it differently. But that is the wonderful part about the power of creative expression! It is as unique and powerful as the individual behind it. Thanks!

  2. I interviewed a company that re-purposes sweaters into pillows. Check out the Repurposed Home on my site.


    She uses ties too to make pillows. Amazingly crafty.

  3. Lily says:

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  4. Marjory says:

    Many thanks for sharing this post, it was useful.

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