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Published on October 28th, 2009 | by Becky Striepe


Handmade Holidays: Wrapping Gifts using Furoshiki

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The weather is getting colder, and we have a handmade holiday on our minds! Handmade gifts have heart, are better for the environment, and, if you opt to buy, it supports independent artists!

If you want to have a totally handmade holiday, now is the time to get started. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be posting about recycled gifts and giftwrap you can make yourself and great handmade finds for sale!

There are lots of ecofriendly gift wrap options out there if you’re feeling the traditional, paper wrapping thing. If you want to branch out a bit, though, you might try wrapping some gifts this year using the traditional Japanese method furoshiki. Here’s how!

Rather than paper that gets tossed after a single use, furoshiki involves wrapping gifts in beautiful cloth that can be used over and over again! The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has a great visual guide showing how to wrap all sorts of gift items.

For a little more detail on the various methods, check out this great video demonstration:


Pretty awesome, right? You can really use any pretty piece of fabric as long as it’s big enough. If you want to get fancy, though, check out these organic cotton gift wraps by Chewing the Cud!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by liron

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Hi there! I'm Becky Striepe, a green crafter and vegan foodie living in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two cats. My mission is to make eco-friendly crafts and vegan food accessible to anyone who wants to give them a go. If you like my work, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .

11 Responses to Handmade Holidays: Wrapping Gifts using Furoshiki

  1. linda says:

    that was so cool i really liked the book one-the only problem is even if you get the scraps cloth all that cloth would be expensive to buy.

  2. Becky says:

    That’s a good point, Linda! You’d maybe need to think of the cloth as part of the gift or even an investment! I don’t know if other folks experience this, but in my group of friends, reusable wrapping tends to make the rounds. I get gifts wrapped in bags from previous years.

    You could also look into fabric from thrift stores and yard sales to save some cash!

  3. Mich says:

    Totally agree, Becky. Furoshiki are so versatile – depending on the fabric they can then also be used as bags, scarves, wall hangings.

    Please have a browse of my blog for some ideas, including (in Feb / March postings) some wrapping styles that are great for kids’ gifts.

  4. Jenn says:

    Don’t forget about the remnant bins at your local craftmart! Remnant pieces are typically marked down 50% of regular price (sometimes more!) and while they are less than a yard, I’ve picked up some pieces that are nearly a full yard for well under $5.

  5. Szilvi says:

    Linda! Price is always an issue, but as they said, think of it as an investment! One of my customers told me, that she has an arrangment with her friend: they have 2 furoshikis, and they keep exchanging those 2 only in between themselves. Isn’t this a lovely idea? I thought is it great. For now I keep giving furoshikis to all my family and friends, and I’m very curious when I’ll get back one too! :-)
    Also, furoshikis are a waste of money, if you give it to someone who doesn’t appreciate it. But if someone does, than if is truly a part of the gift!
    Happy wrapping everyone!

  6. SewCraftyMeg says:

    Love this! I am a fabric pack rat, such a neat way to present gifts! I like the book wrapping in the video… can’t wait to try it!

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  9. Furoshiki says:

    It’s cool to see so many people embracing using cloth gift wrapping.

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