Winter Woollies

asapDaffodils in the garden, people eating their lunch in the park and the odd overly optimistic choice of clothing can only mean one thing. Spring has sprung! So when I saw this image I thought it could be a great way for our old winter woollies to spend the rest of their days.

If your jumper drawer is anything like mine it will be crammed full of unwearable sweaters, some have shrunk in the wash others are a bit baggy and many just don’t go with anything else. So perhaps making your own version of this luxurious ‘sweater blanket’ could be the answer.

This isn’t just a great way to recycling old jumpers, Opos who designed and manufacture this blanket are also making a statement about waste in the garment industry. Each of the high quality cashmere and cashmere mix garments used to make this blanket are factory rejects. These jumpers once destined for the tip are given a new life, as Opos state on their website:

‘Recycled knit’ invites the public and the professionals of the field to reflect on the paradox of the current market of ‘fashionable’ products and the opportunity of a new profession: the ‘waste designer.’

Opos also have a great range of vegetable tanned leather goods inspired by packaging design. The vegetable tanned leather is completely biodegradable and has significantly lower environmental impact that the chrome tanning – the more commonly used process.

Via Designboom’s Milan 2008 preview.

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