Yearn Worthy Yarn: Tahki Sky

Tahki Sky Yarn Here in the District of Columbia, we have a very short window of time we call Spring before the oppressive heat and humidity descend like a hot wet blanket over the city for the Summer. Blessedly, we are currently enjoying our Spring. The cherry blossoms have since bloomed and it is that sweet spot of weather where long leisurely lunches outside make returning to work all that much more difficult.

The pretty weather and gorgeous sunshine have given me a hankering for beautiful spring colors in my yarns. Thankfully Tahki Sky has it covered.

Made from 100% biofil cotton, this super soft yarn comes in a variety of mouth watering sherbet colors perfect for the season. Similar to organic cotton, biofil cotton touts itself as grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or defoliants – nasty chemicals that make the leaves of plants fall off. Tahki Sky is spun and then colored with low-impact dyes that are environmentally-friendly and produce soft, soothing, natural colors.

I know I have my eye on New Leaf and Cherry Blossom in hopes that when the humidity strikes, I can be reminded of the gentler Springtime.

Who makes your favorite sustainable yarns? Which natural fiber is your favorite to work with? (i.e. cotton, wool, bamboo, hemp … etc.) Let us know what you love to create with and we might feature them in the next installment of Yearn-Worthy Yarns!

[Image courtesy of Tahki Yarns website]

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