Yearn Worthy Yarn: Nashua Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton

Natural Dye Pima Cotton I know that I sometimes get carried away with animal fibers here on Crafting a Green World, especially when talking about yarn. I also know that the vegans out there need eco-friendly yarns too! So this one is for you my dear vegan friends.

Nashua Handknits has a Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton yarn perfect for your vegan knitting needs. It is a soft, worsted-weight pima cotton that is dyed using natural materials found all across the Americas, northern Asia, Europe, India and the East Indies.

The soft, natural hues are created with tree bark and various flowers. The color names suggest which ingredient was used to create the color, but you can never be sure. The light Indigo and Curcuma are especially lovely. The yarn has a quiet sheen and luster that helps your stitches pop.

Many online retailers carry this small collection, including Royal Yarns International and Patternworks. Each skein is about 100 yards and 50 grams. The collection offers Robia, Chestnut, Sandalwood, Curcuma, Acacia, Indigo, and Logwood for color options. All beautiful and equally appealing.

What’s your favorite?

[Image from Royal Yarns International website]

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