Yearn Worthy Yarn: Folktail Fibers

Folktail Fibers is one of those shops that I have simply fallen head over heels for. The skeins are both whimsical but perfectly easy to knit up.

Offering both vegan and animal friendly fibers, Folktail hand spins amazing fiber and color combinations to create lovely yarns.

Folktail takes the environment pretty seriously and it is something that is considered with each yarn that is spun.

A full-time spinster devoted to seeking out animal, human, and environmentally friendly fibers and spinning them into yarny adventures.

You can read more about where and why Folktail sources their fiber to be spun at their Etsy shop. I appreciate why they don’t use certain types of silk and that they frequent small farms and businesses.

Folktail has also been experimenting with natural dyes and you can read about the process on their blog.

All of their yarns are quite lovely and of amazing quality. I can’t wait to see their upcoming organic cotton patchwork skeins.

[Image courtesy Folktail Fibers]

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