Where Do You Find Eco-Friendly Craft Supplies?

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Eco-friendly craft supplies are not just brand new items made from eco-friendly, organic, sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials. Some eco-friendly materials are conventional materials that have been around for awhile and you may find them at yard sales or second hand stores.

In fact, buying your craft supplies second-hand is a great way to keep it green. Sites like Etsy, Localmart, eBay and Craigslist are great resources for finding gently-used craft supplies, whether we’re talking conventional supplies like colored pencils or more offbeat craft supplies like wine corks or vintage buttons.

They may be a spool of ribbon with just a piece cut off, a can of paint that was opened but never used, or a brand new bottle of glue that was bought then never used. These are items, for some reason, were never used or are now no longer needed. But now they are your treasure to find and give new life to.

Unusual itemsΒ can also be “green” craft supplies. How about an old boot? Or a fun t-shirt that’s seen better days? Or what about an old handbag or a single silver serving spoon? What could you create with one or all of these items?

The trash or your recycling bin is a great place to find eco craft supplies as well. How about a tin can or a yogurt cup? Maybe an empty cardboard box or a coffee bag. What’s lurking in your recycling bins and trash bags that could be crafted into something fun, decorative or useful?

On top of the online resources I mentioned earlier, I love “treasure hunting” at yard sales, the Salvation army, Goodwill, resale shops, flea markets, and salvage shops. You just never know what kind of treasure you may find that can be recycled, upcycled or remade into something amazing.

Where are your favorite places to find “eco” craft supplies?

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  1. In Portland there’s a GREAT place called SCRAP (School & Community Reuse Action Project). They basically have every type of craft item you can think of! They’re a non-profit and accept donations from individuals and businesses and have fabric, paper, and other odd-ball items such as trophies, rubber bands, and well, anything and everything! I plan on going there to get my wedding supplies!

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