Week One: April Stash Bust

April Stash Bust How is your month of buying no new craft supplies going out there? We are only one week in and crafters and makers alike have really taken to this idea and started to run with it.

There are already two great entries in the Flickr pool for the Stash Bust Contest. Don’t forget the contest closes on April 22nd! Are you planning on entering?

After the jump find a whole-lotta inspiration, projects and even a 24 hour craft-a-thon to keep you stash busting and making.

Wow! That’s a lot of projects and making going on from your stashes. We hope to have some of our own stash busting projects and tutorials for you as the month progresses.

What’s been your favorite stash busting project or inspiration so far?

8 thoughts on “Week One: April Stash Bust”

  1. I’m making pot pourri bags from scrap fabric and second hand pot pourri that I bought a while ago It still smells good thankfully!). Packaging them in reused clear plastic bags with tags made out of reused card and paper and will hopefully be giving them away at a forthcoming free craft fair. I’ll post photos on my blog (and add to the Flickr group) tomorrow.

  2. I gave some tables on my front porch a spiff up with spray paint from my stash. The paint was left by an old roommate. I have no idea what half the stuff she left behind was used for.

  3. I didn’t start out to intentionally stash bust, but I’m doing a “52 crafts in 52 weeks” project and for the most part, so far I’ve used stuff I’ve had on hand for ages. Now that’s my default – I try to use what’s around, but will buy supplies if needed.

  4. I didn’t deliberately decide to join in but after I began to think about it, I decided to give it a whirl. So far, so good, but it’s been HARD!!!! I’m a thrift store junky and I always find something to “redo” while there. But I’ve restrained from even going in them!!! we’ll see how long I can hold out πŸ™‚

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