36 Ways to Reuse Egg Cartons

Ways to Reuse Egg Cartons
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There are LOTS of really cool ways to reuse egg cartons! Here are 36 amazing reasons to save empty egg cartons instead of throwing them away.

There are LOTS of really cool ways to reuse egg cartons! Here are 36 amazing reasons to save empty egg cartons instead of throwing them away.

If you buy eggs, whether it’s from a grocery store or the backyard chicken owner next door, then you’ve got egg cartons to deal with. Whether you reuse egg cartons or recycle them is your choice, but I’m just telling you real quick–there are LOTS of really cool ways to reuse them!

There are LOTS of really cool ways to reuse egg cartons! Here are 36 amazing reasons to save empty egg cartons instead of throwing them away.

1. Start seedsI am a huge fan of plantable pots, and if you use a cardboard egg carton, that’s exactly what you can do.

2. Bloom a roseThese egg carton roses take more time to make, but they look really realistic when you’re done.

3. Build a crocodileIf you’ve got loads of egg cartons to de-stash, then this is the kid-friendly project for you, as each crocodile calls for three egg cartons.

4. Build a dioramaThis is NOT your ordinary diorama.

5. Build a treeIt would be easy to make this project very large-format, if you need to decorate an entire classroom wall, for instance.

6. Create a ladybugHow cute are these?!?

7. Create a sunflowerThe sunflowers are beginning to bloom where I live, and everybody is in love with them.

8. Create ocean animalsTurtles and whales and octopi, Oh, MY!

9. Do a daffodilI really like the tutes that teach you how to make realistic flowers out of egg cartons.

10. Dress up as a dinosaurHere’s a cute costume idea.

11. Fake cherry blossomsNo cherry trees where you live? No problem!

12. Feed the birdsIf you use a cardboard egg carton, you can toss this bird feeder in the compost at the end of the season.

13. Float a boatA styrofoam egg carton will work better for this project, but even a cardboard egg carton boat will float… for a little while.

14. Hang a mobileYou can cut the pockets in lots of different ways, but it’s the watercolor wash that makes the mobile look truly outstanding.

15. Hold paintAn egg carton makes a great paint palette for acrylic paints, especially. If you’re using tempera or liquid watercolors, though, make sure you’ve got a Styrofoam egg carton.

16. Learn how to countScroll down to find the egg carton ten frames.

There are LOTS of really cool ways to reuse egg cartons! Here are 36 amazing reasons to save empty egg cartons instead of throwing them away.17. Learn the alphabetEgg cartons make brilliant educational toys!

18. Let a kid make a caterpillarIs that caterpillar very hungry?

19. Let it rain. This would be a cute wall hanging for a child’s bedroom.

20. Make a carAdd this to a cardboard box playscape for big rainy day fun.

21. Make a mushroomA Styrofoam egg carton would make this mushroom sturdy enough to stand in your fairy garden.

22. Make a wreathThis wreath doesn’t look like you’d expect!

23. Make another wreathThis one probably looks more like what you’d expect a wreath made of egg cartons to look like. It’s very appropriate for spring!

24. Make geodes. Take advantage of how lovely Epsom salts look when dyed, by using them to make these egg carton geodes.

25. Model stoneIf you’re into model making or dollhouse refinishing, you’ll love this awesome way to make faux stonework.

26. Play mancalaHere’s an easy way to make a fun game.

27. Put more eggs in them. Anyone who has chickens is in desperate need of egg cartons. If you know someone with hens, make that person’s day by offering up your stash–I promise they will get a LOT of use!

28. Put on a maskThis would make an excellent group or party activity for little kids, especially if you had all of the masks pre-cut and ready to paint.

29. Sculpt a roosterSeriously, this thing is EPIC.

30. Sew in styleThis would make a cute little handmade gift or DIY project for an older kid.

31. SortEgg cartons are perfect for all kinds of sorting projects.

32. Stack themIf you need a cheap, large-scale building toy, check out what you can do with egg cartons!

33. Start a fire. These egg carton fire starters are great to take camping.

34. Add feathers to an owlLittle ones will enjoy making these mixed media owls, especially because you can add found feathers to the project.

35. Tie your shoesSet up this toy, and kids can practice shoe-tying at their leisure.

36. Wrap giftsEgg cartons can be turned into cute, waste-free gift toppers.

Photo credit: egg carton treasure box image via Bigstock, Creative Commons egg carton seed starters photo by Chris Feser.

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