Vintage Suitcase Storage Solutions

Vanity CaseVintage suitcases are popping up all over the place lately and have been upcycled into some amazing storage options. Creating the perfect craft storage solution is a journey not a destination. As our craft stash grows so must our storage options. If you are ditching the plastic bins for vintage containers, you must consider using vintage suitcases.

Etsy seller VanityCase makes these amazing custom vanity and liquor wall cabinets. The vintage leather suitcases are outfitted with everything from mini drawers to pull switch lights. I could easily see the vanity cabinet (shown above) being used for craft storage.

Here are 5 more great vintage suitcase storage solutions:

  1. Bitter Betty Blogs Craft CaseBitter Betty Blogs shares a tutorial for making a mobile craft studio by lining the inside of a vintage suitcase with decorative paper or fabric.
  2. Poetic Home shares a great idea make an accordion file that stays up right by using velcro to attach the ends of the file inside the suitcase with velcro.
  3. Margie posted a picture on Flickr of her vintage suitcase stuffed with crochet supplies that she takes with her on long trips.
  4. Intimidnation Craft DisplayBack Garage shares some inspirational craft fair display ideas including this vintage suitcase product display by Intimidnation.
  5. Love the vintage truck in the foyer of this living room tour on Kelly Rae. It is functional as a great landing spot by the door, but just imagine how much storage is inside.

[Image 1 by Pauline Pechin for Vanity Case, Image 2 by Bethany Mann for Bitter Betty Blogs, Image 3 by back_garage]

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  11. Its really a cool idea what you did with the suitcases. Its a good way of making use of the old things and also having more storage solutions for your growing wardrobes. 

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