Vinegar Drain Cleaner that Smells Good

Make Vinegar Drain Cleaner that Actually Smells GOOD!

Make Vinegar Drain Cleaner that Actually Smells GOOD!

It’s super simple to make vinegar drain cleaner that works. But if you don’t like a room that smells like vinegar, you can also make one that works and smells nice.

Andrea at our sister site Green Living Ideas shared this simple tweak to the traditional vinegar + baking soda + boiling water drain cleaner recipe. Honestly, it’s so simple that I can’t believe I’ve been dealing with that vinegar drain cleaner smell for this long and never thought of it.

Want to know her secret?


I mean, seriously. We were already using fruit-infused vinegar for cleaning. Why didn’t I think to include a little acidic citrus in my vinegar drain cleaner? Get Andrea’s recipe below!

Lemon-Scented Vinegar Drain Cleaner


– 2 cups baking soda

– 4 cups boiling water

– 1 cup vinegar

– 1-2 fresh lemons (as needed)


1. Drain all water from the sink or tub (if it’s standing, try to plunge it to make it go down). Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Make sure that most of the baking soda falls into the drain.

2. Next, pour about 2 Cups of boiling water down the drain. The baking soda mixed with boiling water dissolves the sludge and gunk in the pipe, even if you don’t see it happening. Wait a few minutes.

3. Pour the remaining 1 cup baking soda down the drain then add 1 cup of white vinegar and plug the drain immediately. If you’re unclogging a double sink, plug both drains. You’ll hear sizzling coming up from the drain and see bubbles foaming up.

4. When the bubbles have died down, add the remaining boiling water down the drain. If it smells a little funky, add some fresh lemon juice along with the water to disinfect the drain.

5. Repeat this process if necessary. This can be used as a monthly treatment helps prevent future clogs too; simply pour a cup of baking soda down the drains followed by boiling water.

6. If you’re dealing with a really stubborn clog, don’t turn to the chemical drain cleaner just yet! Head over to Green Living Ideas, where Andrea shows you how to use a little elbow grease to get things moving.

Image Credit: Lemons, Vinegar, and Concrete photo via Shutterstock

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