Upcycled Superhero Craft Roundup

Superhero CapesA few action figures are fine, but wouldn’t playtime be even more fun with something that has a little bit more heart?

When you’re a kid, it’s hard not to love superheroes. I mean, really, even as a grown-up, superhero stuff is pretty darn enticing. The trouble with store-bought toys is that most of them are big box plastic crap that are bad for the environment and bad for the workers who make them. Plus, where’s the imagination in something mass-produced?

Yesterday, we looked at how to make recycled superhero badges, but who says you have to stop there? There are lots of fun ways that you can use your crafty skills to make all sorts of superhero goodness. Here are a few projects to get you going.

  1. CurlyPops walks you through how to make your very own superhero headband. You can easily green up this tute by using fabric scraps or organic fabric to create yours.
  2. Learn how to make custom superhero capes. My nephews flipped for their!
  3. Make your own superhero masks. This is another one that needs some greening up. Use scrap cardboard or recycled felt to make this a green project. If you’re painting your mask, you’ll also want to opt for eco-friendly paint!
  4. These decoupaged superhero bracelets are super adorable!
  5. What superhero’s arsenal is complete without some sort of gizmo? These recycled control panels fit the bill perfectly!

Do you have a little superhero in your life? My nephews are superhero-obsessed, and I love finding crafty ways to make them superhero-themed presents. Have you guys done any fun superhero themed crafts? I’d love to keep the inspiration going in the comments!


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