11 Upcycled Mandalas from CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Record Albums

Upcycled CD Mandala

CDs, DVDs, and old vinyl records are a great base for constructing mandalas on top of, because they’re already perfectly round, and so sturdy that you can display your finished, upcycled mandalas anywhere you’d like.

CDs, DVDs, and old vinyl records are a great base for constructing upcycled mandalas on top of, because they're perfectly round and sturdy,

Here are some ideas for what you can put on YOUR upcycled mandalas, whether you make them from CDs, DVDs, or scratched record albums:

Upcycled Mandala from Buttons and a CD1. button mandalaThis is a great way to use up a big stash of boring buttons, because even the black and white ones (which you know you have tons of) look gorgeous in a mandala pattern.

2. candle holderThe tutorial calls for three CDs, with the top CD embellished as a mandala, if you wish.

3. CD plus large-format art paperHere’s an interesting art assignment: use the CD as the center of the mandala, and extend it onto paper all around.

4. Peel the label offFollow this tute to peel the label off of your CD to make it transparent, the better to use as a suncatcher. Here’s another way to get the coating off using sandpaper.

5. Scratch art mandalaThis is one of the easiest mandalas to make–just paint it and then scratch it!

6. seed and spice mandalaReplace your sand art materials with these natural materials.

7. Sharpie and paint mandalaHere’s a kid-friendly mandala to make with materials that you probably already have around the house.

8. Use multiple CDs. This giant mandala, great for a large wall space, is made from several CDs!

9. Use templatesHere are some lovely templates for creating CD mandalas that look like flowers. Use this basic method for tracing the templates and coloring them in, although you’ll want to source eco-friendly materials.

10. vinyl record bowlIt’s not symmetrical like a mandala, but it IS round…

11. Woven mandalaThese are so beautiful, and they’re simple to do. The tute also tells you how to transform your finished mandala into a dream catcher.

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