36 Free Underwear Patterns and Tutorials

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I know that underwear is generally fairly cheap to buy, so it’s not like you’re saving yourself megabucks by sewing your own.

But the reason why underwear is generally so cheap to buy? It’s generally because:

  1. It uses cheap, poor quality fabric that’s harsh on the environment to produce.
  2. It’s practically thrown together with uneven seams, skipped stitches, and all kinds of shortcuts (don’t believe me? REALLY look at your underwear and count all the places where a decent sewer would have done a better job).
  3. It’s manufactured by laborers under poor working conditions, paid unfair wages. They might even be children.

For these reasons, it’s well worth the effort to at least experiment with sewing your own underwear. Even if you don’t replace all of your underwear with DIY versions, even if you simply make one pair and call it a day, it’s a valuable experience to see the work and the materials that go into it.

You’ll never look at that store-bought cheap underwear the same way again.

Below, you’ll find my favorite free underwear tutorials and patterns. Find something you like, give it a whirl, and see if it doesn’t make you want to stock your whole dresser with nothing but homemade underwear!

1. Boxer shortsBoxers are super easy to sew because they don’t even have to be made from stretch fabric. They’re perfect for beginners!

2. Boyshorts underwear patternBoyshorts are my favorite type of underwear, so I was stoked to happen upon this free downloadable pdf pattern for them!

3. Bikini topThis bikini top has a small enough silhouette that it can be used as a bra, as well.


4. Bikini pantiesIf you like the look of bikini-style panties, then you’ll love this easy tutorial for making them.

5. Bra and panties from a scarfOne large thrifted or gifted scarf can make a matching bra and panties set.
6. Bralette patternBras can be tricky to sew. Here’s a free pattern to make it easy!

7. Bra from men’s underwearThis is… pretty weird. But to be fair, because the sizing on men’s clothing is so logical, all you have to do is find a pair of men’s underwear whose size matches your own under-bust measurement, and the rest is simple!

8. Cage braSkip the high-priced boutiques and DIY this hot trend.


9. Caged bustier topConvert a regular bra pattern into a more sophisticated caged bustier top.

10. Underwear liningThis post is an explanation of all things related to underwear linings–why you want them or don’t want them, the various types, and how to sew each of them into your favorite underwear pattern.

11. Dance ShortsDance shorts are a lot like boyshorts, but with more coverage. I love them!

12. Day of the Week embellishmentsUse any of the basic, non-lace panties patterns and embellish them with these Day of the Week templates. Now you’ll no longer be unsure about which pair of underwear to put on!


13. Fold-over elastic-edged pantiesIf you like the fit of elastic-waisted panties but you want a narrower hem, let this tutorial show you how easy it is to replace regular elastic with FOE.

14. Garter beltI don’t know how to DIY stockings–yet. I DO know how to DIY a garter belt, thanks to this tute.

15. Heart reverse appliqueYou can embellish many of the panties patterns here with this cute heart reverse applique.

16. Lace cutoutThis lace cutout works along the same lines as the heart reverse applique–add either or both to your existing panties pattern.

17. Lace panties. Because elastic lace can be found in super-wide dimensions, it’s also possible to make an entire pair of panties from it.

18. Lace braAnd if you’re going to wear lace panties, you might as well make yourself a lace bra to match!


19. Hipster undiesThese are easy and not too pretentious.

20. Kid boxer briefsMy favorite thing about sewing for children is how little fabric it uses. You’ll hardly notice that you’re sewing before you’re finished making these tiny boxer briefs!

21. Kid panties from a onesieThis tutorial is a brilliant way to upcycle your kid’s old onesies into new underwear–if you’re careful, you might even be able to get a little tank top out of the same onesie!

22. Lace thongIf you’ve got elastic lace, then you’ve got everything that you need to make this thong.

23. Lace braletteThis pattern allows you to skip making adjustable chest and shoulder bands by sizing the bralette exactly.


24. Lace-edge pantiesIf you don’t want your panties made entirely from lace, it’s easy to simply trim them with lace.

25. Period pantiesPeriod panties are a big deal right now, so you know someone figured out how to DIY them!

26. Add a pad to underwearIf you don’t want to sew full-on period panties, you can also try adding a permanent cloth pad to many of these underwear patterns.

27. Nursing sleep braMaternity clothes are ridiculously high priced. Do yourself a favor and sew yourselves several pairs of these bras before you’re too exhausted with your newborn to be trusted with a sewing machine.


28. Ruched hiphugger pantiesThese aren’t your average, everyday T-shirt panties. Super cute details make them extra special without being too precious.

29. Serged pantiesI love the look of these panties, adapted from a free swimsuit bottoms pattern. They don’t require elastic, so they’re even thriftier than the average pair of underwear. And the serged edges look really cool!

30. Side tiesThis embellishment will work on any of the boyshort-type underwear patterns.

31. Tap pantsThese are super cute worn under a dress or skirt, or as part of a lingerie set. This tutorial teaches you how to construct your own pattern to make tap pants that will fit you perfectly.

32. Thong patternIf you’d prefer not to create your own pattern, here’s a free downloadable pattern for sewing a thong.

33. T-shirt underwearHere’s another free pattern for making a pair of bikini briefs specifically from T-shirt fabric.


34. Use an existing pair of panties as a pattern. If you have a pair of panties that you’re willing to sacrifice, this tutorial shows you how to break them down and use them for pattern pieces so that you can construct endless identical pairs from your own fabric.

35. Underwear skill setAny technique that you need to know to successfully sew a bra or panties is likely here. These tutorials cover everything from properly measuring elastic to adding trim to sewing a hook and eye closure on a bra. You’ll be an expert by the time you’ve browsed through these tutes!

36. Wool underwearIt sounds non-intuitive, but wool’s moisture-wicking properties can help keep you feeling cool and comfy even when it’s swampy outside.

P.S. Want even MORE underwear tutorials? Check out my older round-up of underwear tutorials that call for mostly upcycled materials!

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