Twisted Limb: Luxury Handmade Papers

If you love the luxury of thick, textured handmade paper for your crafty needs then you should check out Twisted Limb Paperworks.

Whether you make cards, scrapbook or just need some scrap paper for your craft needs they have a great selection of high quality, eco-friendly handmade paper made from recycled paper.

The Twisted Limb Paperworks Mission:

  • To make SUPERIOR QUALITY handmade paper, invitations and accessories
  • To provide EXCELLENT SERVICE to our customers, vendors, employees, and the community
  • To create products with the highest standards of ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRITY
  • To CELEBRATE DIVERSITY by welcoming customers of all races, religions and sexual orientations, to respectfully assist with same sex weddings and celebrations from all cultural traditions
  • To EDUCATE BY EXAMPLE the value of sustainable entrepreneurship
  • To GIVE BACK 22% of profits to environmental and community groups

I love companies with purpose and Twisted Limb is one of those companies. They’ve made quite a splash in the eco-invitation and announcement circle supplying beautiful invitations, announcements, save the date cards and more for weddings and other events.

But what many people don’t realize is that they also offer just paper for your own crafting needs, whether you want to go DIY for your invites (they have DIY invitation kits) or craft something original.

They even have a section devoted to ideas on what to do with paper scraps. And if you’re interested in scraps they sell bags of scrap paper in a reclosable zip-top bag filled with 12 large pieces of handmade paper (variety of 8 ½ x 5, 5×7 and 4×9 pieces) and 1 ounce (approximately 25 pieces) of smaller scraps (approx. 2”-5” square) for $15 or two bags for $25.

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