Tutorial: How to Sew a Sweet and Simple Pillowcase Skirt

iron the creases out of the pillowcaseStep 2. Lay the pillowcase out so that the open ends are towards you, and iron it flat. If the pillowcase is made of jersey knit fabric, you might find that the seams have gone wonky from repeated washing and drying. If this is the case for you, never fear! A nice, hot iron and a little patience are all you need to smooth the fabric and true the seams.

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3 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Sew a Sweet and Simple Pillowcase Skirt”

  1. That’s so sweet! I love the idea of one in my size for the spring. I still have a bunch of vintage cases from my grandmother too! Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking.

  2. I can totally see this look as one that would look really great on a lot of adults, too–not me, but a lot of other adults. I warn you, though–those vintage linen pillowcases are a little on the thin side, know what I mean? Slips and linings are our friends!

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