6 Sources for Organic and All-Natural Sewing Notions

Organic and green fabrics are growing in accessibility, but finding organic and all natural notions is still difficult.  I have pulled together a list of 6 invaluable sources for the eco crafter.

Organic Notions

  1. One of the best all around sources for eco-friendly fabrics and notions is Near Sea Naturals.  They carry some of the easier to find necessities like wool and organic cotton batting, stuffing, organic twill tape, and bias tapes.  But their outstanding, and still growing, selection of notions includes some harder to find notions like buttons of natural and recycled materials, natural elastic, snap tape and organic cording,organic cotton lace, and organic thread.
  2. The website is not so pretty, but Fiberactive Organics carries organic lace and organic thread.  They also carry scrap bags of organic fabrics which are perfect for craft projects.  Scrap Bags are sold for $10/lb and most scraps are larger than 6 inches square.
  3. Eurolaces carries a wide-selection of organic cotton lace, doilies, collars, and even thong backs.
  4. Bamboo batting and stuffing is available at the Bamboo Fabric Store.  Before choosing bamboo fabric or notions be sure to read Fabulous Fabrics: Why Bamboo Often Isn’t.
  5. Organic Cotton Plus carries a small selection of notions including organic twill tape (3/4″), organic cotton batting, and organic cotton stuffing.
  6. PM Organics is worth mentioning as another source for organic thread, lace, and natural elastic, but as I write this post most of their notions are out of stock.

There is certainly still a lot of room for growth in the organic notions market, but there are still relatively few manufacturers that are making organic notions.  Unfortunately, most of the organic notions available today are bland natural color.  Hopefully in the near future us eco-crafters will at least be able to enjoy colored organic thread.

For more information on organic notions you must read about What Mainstream Stores Have to Offer and Micheal Miller Fabrics which offers a few organic trims.

Written by Jackie Hernandez

I am a work-at-home mom busy chasing after my son and establishing my eco-business, Tiny Décor. I also write the Tiny Décor Blog aimed at modern parents trying to go green for their kids. Tiny Décor has allowed me to turn a passion for sewing, craft, and environmentalism into a business. Blog writing has become an outlet for me to share my experiences going green, being a parent, and loving the planet.


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  1. I picked up some organic bamboo stuffing for a recent project (though I got mine at Joann Fabrics.) It was wonderful to work with— I never want to use that rough polyester stuffing again! (Unless I find out it was recycled from soda bottles or something, then I’d consider it.)

  2. Becky I agree with you on the polyester stuffing. I have used both the Bamboo batting and stuffing from Joanns and I love it. I have also tried the PLA-fiber batting which is made from corn fiber. It is similar to the polyester stuffing. I personally thought it got lumpy in pillows.

  3. Have been searching for organic cotton thread for ages! NearSeaNaturals looks like a great site, it’s a pitty we don’t have something similar in the UK (though I’m glad to see that they deliver across the pond).

    I would also really like to start using organic cotton embroidery thread but can’t seem to find any anywhere, beginning to think it doesn’t yet exist…

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