Top 5 Projects from the May Green Crafts Showcase!

Top 5 Projects from the May Green Crafts ShowcaseYou all continue to amaze me at the Green Crafts Showcase! Here are the top 5 projects for May! Please show some love by visiting all of these sites and encouraging them with comments!

1. Recycled Heart Garland by Lady Mockingbird and Her Buttercups

Do you like to countdown to certain events or milestones in your life? Create this adorable recycled heart garland from Lady Mockingbird and Her Buttercups. She created it to count down to her graduation. Every day, you simply cut off one of the hearts from the gardland! It’s such a simple and cute project to make. Head on over to her site to see how you can make your own!

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[Photo viaΒ Lady Mockingbird and Her Buttercups, used with permission]

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Projects from the May Green Crafts Showcase!”

  1. I am confused as to why the top 5 projects would include two that used non-recycled items? Wasn’t it a green contest?

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