Top 10 Kid Crafts Sites for Green Crafters

Top 10 Kid Crafts Webites

Need to find some kid crafts to keep your little ones entertained? These sites are packed with DIY ideas using eco-friendly materials.

When I got pregnant, I swore that I wouldn’t become one of those bloggers who talks about her kid all the time. But now that my son is 10 months old, I’m coming to terms with the fact that my little guy dominates my thoughts basically all of the time. Seriously, I’m the mom that looks at photos of my son on my phone after he goes to bed, because I miss his sweet face after just a few hours

Darrol Henry is a little bit too small to get crafty with me yet, but I’ve been sort of “collecting” kid crafts sites so that I’ll be armed with tons of kid crafts for us to do as he outgrows the urge to chew on everything in sight!

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Since I bet I’m not the only mom that wants to get crafty with her kiddo, I thought I’d share my top 10 kid crafts sites for you to check out. These are in no particular order: I love every single one of these sites! They’re numbered because I promised you 10.

Top 10 Kid Crafts Websites

  1. Craft Knife – Our very own Julie Finn runs a site where she talks about the awesome homeschooling crafts that she does with her girls, and it’s full of awesome fun kid crafts that are educational, too!
  2. 5 Orange Potatoes – This is another homeschooling mama that shares awesome learning activities. She focuses on natural materials, which I just love.
  3. Creative Green Living – Carissa writes about more than just kid crafts, but her selection of projects for your little one is vast, creative, and cute!
  4. The Crafty Crow – Not all of the crafts on this site are green, but they do a great job of rounding up crafts for kids of all ages, and tons of them are upcycled, reclaimed, or use natural materials.
  5. Dollar Store Crafts – Heather shares crafts for kids and for grownups, and so many of them use reclaimed materials. Disclosure: I am now a contributor at Dollar Store Crafts, but my love for this site developed long before I started writing there.
  6. Make It & Love It – Check out the repurposing section for all kinds of green kid crafts and things you can make for your kids.
  7. Green Kid Crafts Blog – This is a company site, and the blog is full of great repurposed kid crafts
  8. Inhabitots – Green moms, rejoice! Inhabitots features fun kid crafts and lots of natural parenting tips to help you make the healthiest choices for your child.
  9. Family Focus – See what I said about Inhabitots? You can get more of that right here.
  10. Easy Green Mama – Kid crafts, recipes, and natural parenting tips for eco-focused moms.

Do you have a favorite kid crafts site that focuses on reclaimed, natural, and/or eco-friendly materials? I’d love for you to drop links to your faves in the comments!

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