Threadless Green T-Shirt Design Challenge

Threadless the t-shirt design site that let’s you upload your designs for a chance to get them printed, announced a totally rad t-shirt contest!

The Green T-Shirt Design Challenge is a chance to show off what being green means to you, all on an organic t-shirt. Says Threadless:

Is it a cleaner environment? Sustainable resources? Renewable energy? Global responsibility? All of the above? Or maybe you have some other ideas… We’d love to see em! Your challenge is to create a design based on the concept of thinking GREEN!

The winner of the challenge will get lots of amazing goods and prizes, with the list growing every day. You have until April 6 to submit your design and right now the competition looks a bit thin. So if you’ve ever wanted to see your green idea on a t-shirt, now is your time.

[Image courtesy Threadless]

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