10 Upcycled T-Shirt Crafts

Star Wars log cabin T-shirt quilt top

Got some old t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t toss them! Check out some of our ideas for fun t-shirt crafts instead.

Now that the weather’s cooling off, you’re probably sorting through your dresser and closet, pulling out your cold-weather clothes, and stashing your lighter stuff away until spring. As you sort through, you’re bound to find a couple of old t-shirts that are past their prime. Maybe the pits are stained beyond saving or you’re just tired of wearing that particular tee. Those well-loved t-shirts are perfect for all kinds of fun craft projects!

I also encourage you to share your own upcycled t-shirt crafts here in the comments or by entering them in our monthly Green Crafts Showcase! Showcase entries get a chance to be featured here on the site at the end of every month.

Ready to get crafty? Let’s go!

1.T-shirt bracelet. Dust off your finger-weaving skills from summer camp and whip up some cute, upcycled t-shirt bracelets!

2. Make a t-shirt scarf. Cut up that old tee and make yourself a cozy t-shirt scarf for fall. This isn’t your usual t-shirt scarf, so check out the tutorial for deets!

3. Sew a pillow. Craft Goodies show you how to make a super cute rosette pillow out of a few old t-shirts.

4. T-shirt quilt. Feeling ambitious? Turn a bunch of old t-shirts into a cute quilt! Bonus points for a Star Wars theme, like Julie put together.

5. Grocery tote. Jillee at One Good Thing has a simple tute for turning an old tee into a reusable grocery tote. Cute!

t-shirt with bow

6. Add a bow. Make a boring old t-shirt cute and fun again by adding a sassy bow collar.

7. Upcycled dog toy. This no-sew project is the perfect way to reuse some t-shirts and treat your pup!

8. Create wall art. If you like the shirt’s design but the rest of it has some problems, preserve it as wall art!

9. Make a hat. Ecokaren shows you how to turn an old tee into a comfy hat.

10. Turn a t-shirt into shorts. Julie shows you how to transform an oversized tee into two pairs of kids’ shorts.

Have you guys done any fun, upcycled t-shirt crafts? I’d love to see your project ideas, too! Feel free to drop your links in the comments or enter your latest upcycled t-shirt project in this month’s Green Crafts Showcase!

Image Credits: Star Wars Quilt by Julie Finn, Bow T-Shirt by Becky Striepe

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