30 Free Strip Quilt Patterns and Tutorials

strip quilt

I’m obsessed with how easy strip quilts are to sew, and with how many fun design looks you can achieve from these identical cuts of fabric.

If you’re a novice sewer, strip quilts are a great place to start your quilting journey. Think of the ease of sewing one nice, long, straight hem–you can definitely sew one nice, long, straight hem! But if you’re an advanced sewer, a strip quilt is such a welcoming place to exercise your creativity. You can play with not just color and pattern, but with fabric widths and placement, with angles and with insets.

Want to make an ombre quilt? That’s just a strip quilt with a gradation in tone!

How about a rainbow quilt? Rainbow quilts were MADE to be strip-pieced!

Below, check out my favorite free strip quilt tutorials. Most of them are perfectly friendly to the novice sewer, but some are quite advanced, and all are thoughtful, well-crafted, and thorough. I think your next quilt project may well be on this list!

Beginner Quilt

If you’re brand-new to quilting, start here. Choose some fabrics that you love, and you can’t go wrong!

Denim Strip Quilt

Denim is perfect to upcycle into a warm and soft quilt, and strip piecing makes quick work of cutting and piecing all those jeans legs.

Diagonal Strip Quilt


Here’s one of the most interesting things that you can do while still strip-piecing: work on the diagonal!

Easy Stripe Quilt

This quilt uses bright fabric for the “stripes,” combined with muted fabrics that make the stripes stand out from the strip piecing.

Easy Stripe Cushion

After you have your beautiful striped quilt, follow this companion tutorial to make a cushion to go with it!

Chevron Column Quilt

Quilting as you go makes this quilt twice as quick to create!

Chevron Strip Quilt

Here’s another chevron quilt with an interesting assembly method.

Cozy Triangles

You use some strips in this quilt, but some other piecing methods, too. It gives the quilt an interesting variety!

Four Corners Strip Quilt


There are some wide strips on this quilt, so it’s a great place to show off some strikingly visual prints.

Jelly Strip Stashbuster Quilt

Although jelly roll quilts aren’t necessarily strip pieced, a lot of them are, or are at least partly strip pieced. This fun quilt isn’t entirely strip pieced, but it’s SO pretty and fun that I had to sneak it into this round-up, regardless!

Jelly Roll Strippie

You have to be very brave to make this quilt, as it requires piecing it… then cutting it up!

Jelly Roll Twist

For this quilt, you’ll be sewing strips together–and then cutting them into blocks!

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt


Here’s another beautiful strip-pieced jelly roll quilt.

Lattice Bones Quilt

If you’re an advanced sewer, here’s an intricate project for you! This quilt isn’t so much strip pieced, but I think you’ll find the construction interesting.

Nines in the Middle

This is part strip quilt and part nine-patch!

Playing the Scales

Carefully measuring and cutting the length of each strip is this quilt before you piece it is what gives you the beautiful final result.

Rag Strip Quilt

Rag quilts are so visually interesting, and they’re especially terrific for extra-tactile kids. Strip-piecing makes them efficient to create, as well!

Rainbow Scrap Strip Quilt

This is such a clever idea! Piece your favorite rainbow scraps into strips, then sew them up into as many strip quilts as you please.

Rectangle Bargello

It takes more work to cut strips of different widths, but the fun and original final product is worth it!

Rows and Rows

Here’s an example of how creative you can be with a limited block shape AND a limited color palette. This strip-pieced quilt in mustard and white is striking and sophisticated!

Scrappy Bargello Quilt

The piecing for this quilt is so interesting! You sew sets of strips into rows, then piece the rows for a most unusual look.

Scrappy Strips


Strip quilts are AWESOME for using up your fabric stash! This tutorial even includes measurements for six different sizes of quilts, so you can use up just the right amount of stash… or make a different quilt for everyone you know!

Simple Bricks

Here’s a strip quilt that starts with fat quarters!

Skinny Strips Quilt

Choose some really awesome fabrics in the same colorway for the focal point of this strip quilt.

Strip Tube Quilt

Here’s a VERY interesting technique to learn! Sew strips into long tubes, then cut them into quilt blocks.

Strip Surprise Quilt

You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought that strip quilts could only run horizontally or vertically… but you wouldn’t be correct, either! This awesome quilt puts its strips on the diagonal, resulting in a large heart background. In the realm of virtual experiences, Desura has become synonymous with immersive gameplay and exciting multiplayer adventures. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of online gaming has resulted in a diverse collection of 2 player games that cater to a wide range of interests and preferences, ensuring that players always find something to fuel their gaming passions.

Strip Quilt with Lace


Lace is a beautiful embellishment to add to a quilt, and this method makes it easy to do!

Summer Love

Want an even bigger heart? If so, you want Summer Love!

Sugar Almonds

Here’s another strip quilt that uses fabric color and pattern to make a special centerpiece.

Wedding Quilt

The piecing for this quilt goes especially quickly because you sew the strips vertically!

Do you have a quilt that’s even easier to sew than a strip quilt? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

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