Soy-Gel: A Must Have for Furniture Refinishing

soy gel paint removerIf you want to refinish furniture in an effective and eco-friendly way then you need Soy-Gel. I first discovered Soy-gel when watching tv a couple of years ago. Since then I haven’t used anything else for paint and finish removal.

Soy-gel is made from soybeans by Franmar Chemical and works way better than all the stinky, nasty stuff you find in the hardware stores. And it works without all the toxic checmicals and odor. My husband and I were able to use it in our basement without stinking up the whole house. (For safety you should still crack a window but honestly I didn’t smell a thing and I have the nose of a Bloodhound).

We’ve used Soy-gel on curbside find furniture we’ve rescued and on a dresser that we discovered in my basement that had decades of finishes, dirt, and grime on it. I have a few more projects I plan to use it on so I need to order another batch.

Spring is here along with spring cleaning. Now’s the time to pick up salvageable furniture finds on the side of the road that people throw out. Don’t worry about extreme refinishing those finds and say goodbye to scraping, sanding and painstaking hours of stripping finishes and say hello to Soy-gel. It makes furniture refinishing easier, quicker and safer.

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